Quote of the day—Handgun Control Inc.

Commonsense, and the growing number of intentional and unintentional shootings involving licensees, dictate that more guns on the street put everyone at risk. But the gun lobby consistently advocates for CCW systems that do not require safety training and do not allow for local law enforcement to evaluate CCW license applicants. Time and time again we hear about a tense situation that becomes deadly with the introduction of a gun. If citizens are to be allowed to carry concealed firearms, every community deserves the best laws to protect public safety. Anything less is potentially a deadly mistake.

Handgun Control Inc.
December 18, 1997
Year-End Report on U.S. Concealed Weapons Laws
[And yet, as they lost more and more battles over concealed carry laws the crime rate didn’t go up in those states. I guess their “commonsense” must have been broken. Because the commonsense of the gun owners, the NRA, the SAF, and all the other pro-gun rights organizations said crime rates wouldn’t go up. And they were right.

HCI renamed itself to be “The Brady Campaign” in 2001. Was that to hide from their legacy of errors?

Odd how that worked out–increasing freedom did no harm. Let’s make it trend in all areas of our lives.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Handgun Control Inc.

  1. Why is it people who demand “Common Sense Gun Control” seem to be incapable of simply stating why their “Solutions” are a good idea, or where it has ever worked.

    I mean have you ever recived an answer to your “Just one Question”?

  2. Other than the ones linked to on that post I had a couple people ask about the Philippines. It was recently claimed that they put some heavy restrictions on gun before the last election and there were few homicides before and after the election. I haven’t looked into it. I suspect the reports, if they weren’t falsified by the government, don’t include a long enough period to take into account the entire picture rather than just a snapshot around election time.

  3. You know they have no interest in looking for proof of success of their programs, that’s irrelevant to them (Or even counterproductive as we often see gun control groups who supported a law calling for MORE laws when their pet project fails) When we do get “debate” they are simply looking for technicalities to stall us.

    Its obvious that doesn’t really work.

  4. “Gun control” has never been about crime or safety, unless we’re talking about the safety of criminals and tyrants. There’s little point in arguing over the details of a fraud, unless the details are being gathered for the purpose of going into the case files of those indicted for said fraud.

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