Quote of the day—Steve Ballmer

I kiss the ground you walk on.

Steve Ballmer
September 10, 2010
Windows Phone 7 Ship Party
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He also said his trademark, “I love this company.” at the top of his lungs:


He also talked about how important Window Phone 7 is to the company and how much he appreciated all the hard work and how much he really loves his Windows Phone 7 phone.

It is a really nice phone. I took three of them to the Boomershoot site this weekend and did some tests. With one of them I was able to pick up a Wi-Fi signal from an ordinary Linksys router from 1090 meters away. The other two were picking up signal from over 600 meters away. Try that with your iPhone.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Steve Ballmer

  1. I’m looking at buying a Windows 7 Phone come October. Which of the various hardware OEM’s devices would you recommend?

  2. I really liked the Samsung Taylor device until they took it away to sent to third-party developers. Is this one mine (sniff, sniff)? I liked the sound quality. Even when the volume was loud enough I could listen to podcasts while in the shower it was undistorted. And the pictures it took were much better than any of the other phones I have tried.

    But most of the hardware I have played with was not production quality. They delivered preliminary stuff with “known issues” so we could develop and test on it. There are other devices that I know are very well liked by the people that have them (I have only had a phone like the one Ballmer was carrying in my hands for a few seconds). And the production versions of the hardware I didn’t like might very well be really good too.

  3. When I joined MS in 2000, I was really pumped up and energized by Ballmer at the company meetings. As time went by, and Microsoft continued to pump out the same old crap, with minor enhancements that were often touted as world changing and revolutionary. How many times is “cloud computing” going to be repackaged and reprocessed before MS gets the picture? When will they figure out that the Zune is going nowhere? And we’ll have to see about the Windows 7 phone – my guess is that the iPhone will continue to kick its ass.

    Balmer needs to grow up. The company is no longer solely staffed by eager young 20-somethings that can get frenzied up with the Amway histronics. Balmer now comes across as a pompous idiot. Left MS two years ago and never looked back.

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