We didn’t lose everything therefore we are winners!

It must really suck to be on the Brady Campaign team. I didn’t read it word for word but from my quick scan of the Brady Campaign’s 2009 Annual Report it appears they want their supporters to believe that if they didn’t lose every battle they fought in that they are winners.

They can just keep thinking that way all the way into oblivion.


8 thoughts on “We didn’t lose everything therefore we are winners!

  1. One theme I’ve been seeing over at Joan Peterson’s blog she’s getting irritated that pro-gun people keep chiming in with facts and rebuttals. She’s OUTRAGED that people keep calling out her lies, and is claiming such behavior is “rude”.

    Strikes me as a Brady Board Member outraged when faced with EFFECTIVE activism.

  2. Lobbying against an enumerated human right is about as rude as rude can get. I’ll call it hate speech.

  3. Man that typo kills me! It doesn’t get picked up by a spell-check, and doesn’t look wrong in a quick scan.

    I guess I disappoint you too, John. ; ]

  4. I guess the Brady Bunch still gets a “Participant” ribbon…

    BTW, it still says “loose” from where I am sittin’.

  5. Eric,

    There were two instances of my error. I fixed the one in the title but didn’t notice the second one. I finally figured it out as I was walking back from work and it kept nagging at me, “Why would he say it’s still there? What could be going on?” It’s fixed now.


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