Quote of the day–Xenia

I can’t count. I am an artist.

Daughter Xenia
September 5, 2010
[That explains a lot! Not just about Xenia, but about Hollywood, New York City, and the even the world in general.

Son James also reported, from the same time frame as the above quote, that, “Xenia is a funny drunk.”

The Xenia quote came to me via an text message from daughter Kim who definitely can count. Kim is getting nearly straight A’s while obtaining her accounting degree.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Xenia

  1. I find that funny for a different reason: it’s sometimes joked that mathematicians can’t add.

    When I took my AP Calculus test in high school, I took perverse pride in the fact that, on the portions where I wasn’t allowed to use a calculator, I had to use my fingers to do addition.

    Having said that, being knowledgeable in such things can also be a little bit of a curse: when I took the 11th-grade SATs, I came across a system of two equations and thought “I should use a matrix here!” (since I took the advanced Algebra class the year before, and we covered matrices, among other things) and proceeded to completely screw up the inversion. I quickly improvised, and realized how I could solve it using basic algebra, but in the process, I didn’t have time to finish the math portion.

    I took perverse pride in the low SAT score that resulted, as well :-).

  2. Ahem, why isn’t it mentioned that I am also a nearly straight A student (only two B’s in six semesters) and have made the Dean’s list my entire college career? It should also be pointed out that artistry and adding skills are not linked. My reasoning skills were impaired.

  3. Xenia, it’s obvious that yer Dad loves you and wishes the best for you, but that he just can’t get over your being, like, neurotypical, and all. I will say no more, not wishing to be hunted down and killed by either you or yer Dad.

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