Our weekend

On Saturday morning Barb and I had breakfast with our kids and their SOs. James doesn’t like his picture being taken but we managed to get a few without his his outstretched middle finger being too obvious.

IMG_1979Web2010Clockwise from the left, Joe, Barb, Xenia, John, Caleb, Kim, Kelsey, James.

And yes, we finished up the bacon before leaving.

The kids all went to PAX but Barb and I continued on to our slasher flick cabin and then we went for a hike in the woods. In the pictures below the bridge and large tree (a Douglas Fir) were here.

IMG_2001Web2010Barb wore her Boomershoot shirt and I wore a Blackwater shirt and hat. No comments or stares from anyone we saw.

IMG_2022Web2010IMG_2024Web2010Notice that I’m packing in the park? No hippies ran away in terror and no trail rage incidents broke out into gunfire.

IMG_2034Web2010It was peaceful and nice.


3 thoughts on “Our weekend

  1. I’ve gotten in the habit after Janelle and I go to the store or something open carrying, I end up saying as we leave the store, “Strange thing happened at the store tonight, I carried and absolutely nothing happened.”

    Another interesting behavior I’ve noticed just recently. If I carry my mobile HT (ham radio, it’s got a 15 inch antenna coming out the top for 2 meters), no one seems to notice the side arm. I get lots of questions about the radio, not a single look for the gun. I think it just further proves my point firearms disturb people because they notice the “abnormal”. The radio in this case is more abnormal than the side arm. We need to make carrying, open or concealed, normal to the point where no one even takes notice.


  2. “Notice that I’m packing in the park?”

    Obviously compensating for the size of your tree-trunk! ; ]

    My folks keep telling me about those big friggin’ trees in the Northwest. I do need to see them!

  3. Dang, Joe, I think you really R 1, 2! I see that ageless autistic physiognomy (I know about this, I got carded when well into my forties) and I just laugh. Did you know that aspies can make out like bandits playing poker, with the natural poker faces? Famously, Bill Gates made out like a bandit at Harvard playing poker. Remembering which cards have been played, an understanding of the odds, and keeping a stone face will win you some money at poker.

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