Think twice before you mess with Alan and Alan

As I pointed out before Alan Gottlieb of SAF is daring San Francisco to take down his posters.

The bigots are having second thoughts about their opposition to both the First and Second Amendments:

A Supreme Court decision could alter what riders here see in ads on city buses and trains and in transit shelters.

Pro-gun images, which are banned under an ad policy of the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency, showed up recently on posters for a conference for the Second Amendment Foundation, a gun rights group based in Washington.

When Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, read that Wahlberg and Ferrell had been stripped of their weapons, he had 16 posters printed to promote the group’s gun rights policy conference, scheduled to be held here. To his surprise, the posters were installed last week in what a news release called “something of a coup.”

Paul Rose, a spokesman for the city transportation agency, said that after the gun group’s posters went up, the city decided to take another look at its policy.

“At this point, we’re not taking any action to remove the ads. We are currently reviewing our advertising policy in light of the recent Supreme Court decision, which may have altered the legal landscape regarding firearm advertising.”

That would be the June 28 decision in McDonald v. Chicago, in which the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the right to bear arms guaranteed under the Second Amendment applies to state and local gun control laws.

The team of Alan Gura (the lead lawyer in McDonald) and Alan Gottlieb are a force to be taken seriously and are taking point on a lot of skirmishes these days.

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6 thoughts on “Think twice before you mess with Alan and Alan

  1. So unless the ban is enforced against the posters, there is no cause to file a challenge to the ban? So the ban will still be the letter of the law, ready to be enforced at the whim of the city?

    Eff dat, I say!

  2. They are reevaluating their policy.

    My guess is there is about a 75% chance they will change their policy. If you go back to the mid 1980’s (IIRC) you will find that San Francisco has lost two major battles with SAF (and NRA) over gun rights. I don’t think they will try to enforce it against a group that has handed their ass to them every-time they went to court.

    If they don’t change their policy and just ignore it when the big dogs come to town then as a governmental agency they will have to fight on still a third front if they enforce it against someone else. That third front will be selective enforcement of the law. And SAF has a pretty full treasury right now, they might step it to support any little guy that they do enforce it against. I know Alan Gottlieb fairly well. My take on issues it is that if he has the money, it would further gun rights, he would take on San Francisco just for the sport of it. He would take it has high as he could in the court system and attempt get precedent established that establish our side of the argument as a beachhead to launch further attacks against the bigots.

  3. Maybe we could revive MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch. Alan Gottlieb vs. Mark Wahlberg. I think I know which one is willing to stand up to tyranny and which isn’t.

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