Quote of the day–Steven Lachman

The current batch of Democrats is not a particularly liberal bunch.

[L]et’s examine what America would look like under the current Republican Party ideology:

Health care reform will be undone. At least 45 million Americans will lack health insurance. According to a Harvard School of Medicine study, the absence of health insurance leads to the deaths of 45,000 Americans a year.

Republicans will eliminate all gun control. We now suffer about 30,000 gun deaths per year.

The current batch of Republican candidates ignores the overall benefit to society of redistributing wealth from the haves to the have-nots through taxes. For Republican politicians, deaths from abortion are unacceptable, but deaths from pollution, gun violence and poverty are just background noise.

Few Republican voters would actually choose to live in the Republican ideological world. Most of them want good schools for all children, safe streets, a clean environment, fair treatment of the disadvantaged and Social Security benefits — all of which require taxes and regulation.

Steven Lachman
September 7, 2010
A GOP-run nation would be barren
[From the first to the last sentence of his opinion I was agape. I found it hard to believe he was serious. He had to be mocking the political left or something, right? Then I read his job title. He is a professor.

Okay then. That explains it.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Steven Lachman

  1. Looks like he’s lobbying for a position in the Obama administration, or the American Socialist Party. Do-nothing professors, blitheringly ignorant of American history, are very welcome in both.

  2. Interestingly enough, at least three of the things he mentioned seem like local, not federal issues:

    – good schools for all children
    – safe streets
    – fair treatment of the disadvantaged

    Those seem like local issues to me… Oh, but wait, maybe federalism is dead. I seem to recall back in middle school civics class that federalism was like a layer cake, but maybe it is more of a marble cake?

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