I’m your huckleberry

Barb and I went “out into the wilderness” this weekend. We stayed in a cabin along Highway 20 and then made excursions into the mountains. On Sunday we went here. After driving 10 miles or so off the paved road we were surprised to see so many cars at the trailhead:


Of course this meant we saw far more people than we expected on the trail too.

And after a mile or so in there were wooden stairs on the trail:


Stairs? Out in the woods? They must have been put there for the people with the California license plates we saw in the parking lot.

Side note: Boomershoot coat, Blackwater hat, Blackhawk gloves, STI patch on the shoulder, STI Eagle in .40 S&W behind the right hip, spare magazine of 18 rounds and a SureFire 6P on the left hip. None of it seemed to scare the hippies.

It was sprinkling a little bit but not enough that we needed rain gear. And despite having more people than we care to see when we are out in the woods we had a nice hike and ate a few huckleberries:





4 thoughts on “I’m your huckleberry

  1. Joe, I didn’t know you were in DC and that they had trails like that (at least that’s where the bing map link sent me)

  2. wow if you still have info on that berry pic please post (speed, stop etc) what a great shot. Won’t find that in DC 😉

  3. Boyd,

    I have modified the post such that if you click on that picture you will get the original image. Download it and view the properties. It includes everything you asked for and more.

    I did edit the photo some before posting. I used Microsoft Office Picture Manager and did “Auto Correct” to get better color and contrast. I then cropped the image. And finally I resized it to be a reasonable size for the blog post.

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