The Blaze–A new news source

Glenn Beck announced a new news site on his website last night and on his show this morning:

It looks interesting.

Just scanning a few stories I particularly liked the stores about the Education Secretary urged government works to attend the rally led by Rev. Al Sharpton on August 28th and the one about Human Service Secretary says the Whitehouse will use reeducation to convince voters the health care bill was a good thing.

In addition to doing their own research and reporting they also have AP stories such as EPA Now Denies Plans to Ban Lead Ammunition.

I haven’t looked around for the evidence yet but I expect we will see signs of incipient aneurisms in the political left over this.


2 thoughts on “The Blaze–A new news source

  1. I’m just getting 403 and 404 errors from the links.

    Bandwidth overwhelmed by the traffic from Beck?

    I’ll try again later.

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