Nice presentation

Barb thought this was particularly well done. I liked it too. The strong defense for private ownership of firearms is very well done. It’s a little conspiratorial in places but he did present the basics of “left” versus “right” being a limiting concept fairly well.


3 thoughts on “Nice presentation

  1. Ugg, the “Hitler instituted gun control” meme. Has this guy ever even heard of the Wiemar Republic?

  2. Decent video but one particular part that stuck me wrong: “Stalin came from the left, Hitler came from the right”. I don’t know how it came to be known that Hitler or his Socialist party was in any way on the right side of the political spectrum. I don’t recall learning this in high school history or college political science classes, but this theme seems to be commonly accepted as fact when it really couldn’t be further from the truth.

  3. The Wiemar Republic didn’t confiscate (IIRC) they did the registration part. The Nazis did the banning and confiscation.


    “Right” versus “Left” wing politics is way too simple minded for meaningful classification.

    The Nazi party was a fusion of Nationalism and Socialism. Some forms of nationalism are considered “right wing”. Socialism is definitely left wing.

    So while I agree with you and generally label Nazi Germany a “leftist” government it’s not entirely false to say they are “right wing”.

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