Gun cartoon of the day

I don’t get this one. Is there some context that I don’t remember?

This is the last one I have for now. I think I can find some more but it may be a while before I get around to it.


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  1. I get it. The poor office worker is almost killed because his boss fired a shot through the floor. I guess he’ll think twice before asking for a raise of making any complaints to that guy.

    It’s a pretty good metaphor for the “respect through fear and intimidation” a lot of you guys participate in.

  2. And I am 100% sure you will be immediately forthcoming with examples of “you guys” engaging in that “respect through fear and intimidation” you accuse us of, as well as providing specific examples of how bosses in the past have given “warning shots” to their employees, thus making this cartoon anything but yet another narrow-minded, intolerant, bigoted, and completely specious attack against people looking to lawfully, responsibly exercise their rights?

    100% sure…

    In other news, this past Friday, I spent some time at a liquor store where the owner, his coworker, and I had multiple firearms out, were comparing and handling them, and no one shot each other, or decided to give a “warning shot”. Even better, there were other customers there with us in the store, and none of them seemed at all fazed.

    This all, of course, was done at the owner’s behest – he had just taken his AR-15 out to the car, and wanted to show off his new S&W wheelie – but somehow, just somehow, no one died.

    Wierd, that.

  3. Come on, Linoge, bigotry and ignorance is all those fools have left. And the displays of both are soooo much fun to watch.
    Sort of like a “How stupid can I be;I’ll let y’all count the ways”.

  4. So Mikeb,

    What evidence do you have that legal gun owners, as opposed to already prohibited drug dealing gang bangers, try to get “respect through fear and intimidation”?

    Or are you incapable of differentating between a drug dealing gang banger with a string of convictions (who is already prohibited from owning a firearm) and a law abiding citizen?

    Legal gun owners with a CCW are less likely to make a bad shoot than the police and gun owners in general are statistically way more law abiding that the population average.

    Me, I get my respect by earning it as a member of my community at large. Many of the folks who respect me only later find out I am also a gun owner. It may surprise you to find that I am more likely to discuss my collection of fine woodworking hand tools than my firearms. This is typical. We are in all walks of life from Janitors to CEOs.

    But then again, you don’t want a reasoned discussion. You just want to regurgitate talking points. You are every bit as bad as those who condemned Salman Rushdie without ever having read the book.

  5. Mr. Harding,

    “Legal gun owners with a CCW are less likely to make a bad shoot than the police and gun owners in general are statistically way more law abiding that the population average.”

    I’m not sure of the validity of this statement, variations of which are often bandied about the pro-civil-rights community (of which I consider myself a part). However, I don’t quite think this holds up as an argument in favor of our cause. While the statement is true, it is important to consider that–justly or not–people convicted of felonies and misdemeanor domestic violence are prohibited from (legally) owning/possessing guns. As soon as such a conviction is handed down, the person in question is immediately removed from the pool of “legal gun owners with a CCW,” which would seem to have result in skewing the statistics in our favor.

  6. It’s a pretty good metaphor for the “respect through fear and intimidation” a lot of you guys participate in.

    To be terrorized is a state of mind. If demanding to be left alone is a “threat”, then we have the right to demand to know what it is you’re planning to do to us that requires that we first be defenseless.

    You all better watch out! If you leave me alone I will totally not bother you for the rest of your lives!

    Yeah, some threat.

  7. To reiterate TJP’s point; if the right to self defense is a threat or an intimidation, the person feeling threatened or intimidated must be a criminal. Ipso facto, QED, and all the rest.

  8. Publius,

    Mr Harding is my father.

    It’s a valid statistic. The status of the person at the time of the shooting is what counts, not post conviction.

    However, most non-LEO shoots are done with the citizen in a very clear cut scenario. This is particularly true in the case of a home invasion.

    LEO on the other hand are typically advancing into a situation that is both tense and hostile. Errors are much more likely in that scenario anyhow. So it is not quite an apples to oranges comparision.

    Either way you look at it bad shoots by CCW holders are vanishingly small. So small that the supposed image of un fights over parking spaces are about as valid as saying “Jews run the world banking system to the detriment of gentiles”.


  9. To answer your question, yes, the context of the joke is that the man at the computer has snuck into the other man’s (possibly his boss) office to snoop around on his computer. The joke is in there, I suppose.

  10. Mike,
    If you are fearful of what I might do with a gun, a) don’t enter my house uninvited and b) don’t point a gun at me or threaten my life with any other deadly weapon. If you can manage that, you have nothing to be fearful over.

  11. MikeB302000,

    Once again your psychological projection is showing.

    It’s a pretty good metaphor for the “respect through fear and intimidation” a lot of you guys participate in

    I’m sure you are projecting what you did, when you owned firearms legally and illegally wouldn’t you agree?

    But please explain to me how I, who carry concealed, am engaging in ‘respect through fear and intimidation’?

    Or perhaps the 75 people who showed up at our private membership only range to shoot sporting clays are engaging in ‘respect through fear and intimidation’?

  12. ASM826,

    I have a very different read on this one- The boss is on the floor below talking to someone else entirely. He apparently decided that a nice shot through the ceiling would make for nice punctuation to that conversation, but apparently has utterly failed firearm safety ( bugger hook off the bang switch, every gun is always loaded, safe direction, know target and _what is behind it_). Oh right, don’t brandish… I’ll stop there.

    Presumably this is a “think of the bystanders while breaking pretty much every rule and law in the book”.

  13. “bugger hook off the bang switch”

    Dayum, that’s a little more than I wanted to know! j/k

    Seriously, MikeB is wrong, as usual. The only threats and intimidation I’ve seen for myself was someone he is deluded into thinking was “doing something right”, JadeGold.

    When someone on HuffPo was proving Jade wrong on various points, he found out where the person worked, and consistently referred to him by his workplace, not by his username (paraphrased example: “(workplace), like all other gunloons…”).

    This is the same person who just recently repeated the lie that Tiahrt impedes police traces of firearms, and Mike thinks he’s doing good?

    Absolute shite.

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