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When has someone said having a permit is a guarantee of perfect behavior? Having a “permit for a gun” is no more a guarantee of perfect behavior than a drivers license is a predictor of perfect driving.

But if you were to read the VPC or Brady Campaign publications with their lists of people with permits that committed crimes you would think concealed carry permit holders were billed as perfect angels and they are disappointed to find out we are mere mortals–with a lower rate of crime than the general population and police officers.


8 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. I’ve never heard that police officer crime rate statistic before. I’d like to quote it in the future. Where can I find a source for it?

  2. This cartoon never would have been published during the Bush administration. Moreover, I saw lots of Bush = Hitler signs, but I’ve never seen an Obama = Hitler sign.

  3. … but I’ve never seen an Obama = Hitler sign.

    Well, I have… but it was being held by a Democrat. The world has gotten so strange I watch The Twilight Zone for a break.

  4. I remember a time before Florida passed their CCW law — and the meme of the day was “criminals won’t apply for a CCW because they’re criminals.”

    But, guess what? Criminals (like this guy: like their “get out of jail free” card too. So they apply, and sometimes receive, CCW permits.

    What is your source for the fact that CCW holders have a lower crime rate than police officers? I’d like a link to that too.

  5. Also note that Booth did his dirty deed with a Philadelphia Deringer which is a muzzle-loading pistol, so unless you’re in a place like Massachusetts where carrying “Ammunition components” (Caps, balls, and powder count, and require a permit) a muzzle-loading black powder pistol is not a “Firearm” by federal law, and they can be carried concealed or otherwise with little legal issue.

    Now the big question is a Philly Deringer IS indeed an arm that uses burning powder as a power source, but not a “Firearm” by federal law. So I wonder if anti-freedom advocates like Ubu52 think this counts in the worthless metric of “Gun Death” ( or not.

  6. “…muzzle-loading black powder pistol is not a “Firearm” by federal law, and they can be carried concealed or otherwise with little legal issue.”

    Weer’d; Careful there. While it’s true the feds don’t consider a muzzleloader to be a “firearm” by legal standards, carrying a concealed pistol is a state-by-state issue, and those laws tend to apply regardless of the ignition, propellant, or loading systems. Those who think they may purchase or carry a muzzle loader or cap & ball pistol concealed, the thereby work around state laws, had best take another look.

  7. Just for the record, this is from the article UBU52 is citing above:

    One of the people charged last month with robbing a Ligonier Township bank in 2008 was detained by Westmoreland County authorities last week after he applied for a concealed weapons permit, law enforcement officials said.

    Not only did the criminal in question not receive his permit, but he was actually detained and is currently in police custody because he tried to apply for the permit.

    So not only did the system work the way it was supposed to – and the way anti-rights nuts want it to work – a criminal is behind bars for his stupidity. Where is the downside again?

    And, of course, this is all without addressing the fallacy that a concealed carry permit is a “get out of jail free card” – if you commit a crime while carrying and having a permit, and you get caught, your happy arse is going up on charges just like everyone else’s…

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