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It seems to the people on the left believe everything boils down to money/greed. There apparently is no such thing as principles. There are no such thing as inalienable rights. There apparently are no solutions that do not involve more government control. It is apparently inconceivable that less government control could be the solution to the problems they claim to be concerned about.

Either they are either incredibly narrowed minded, incredibly stupid, or incredibly evil. Most are not all that stupid. Other than a few politicians I don’t think they they have that high a percentage of evil in their midst. That leaves narrowed minded.

With such narrow minded and evil people in positions of power our current economic situation should not be a surprise to anyone. The only thing that will surprise me is if the future does not hold a lot of government caused deaths.

The school massacres have been caused by excessive government and the economic collapse, political unrest, and starvation ahead of us will result in many, many more deaths. Will this be the final lesson that will ever need be taught that attempting a socialist/communist utopia is a really, really bad idea? Or is it true…


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  1. I think part of the problem is that you view everything as if we all live in Idaho — and we don’t.

    What is “government control”? The government doesn’t really control much of anything. Laws don’t mean anything because you are free to go out and break them. Oh yeah, if you get caught afterwards, it might be hell to pay. But it won’t stop you from doing whatever you want to do.

    The school massacres weren’t caused by excessive government. If you ask a lot of my immigrant neighbors, they’d say that school massacres were caused by “bad parenting” and they would be calling for the parents to be put to death. I’m not totally sure that they are incorrect with that philosophy.

  2. It seems to the people on the left believe everything boils down to money/greed.

    No…only things not supported by their political agenda come down to money or greed.

    If it’s on their agenda, it’s obviously righteous and good be default.

    For example: Global Warming “science” can’t POSSIBLY be driven by the greedy quest for ever greater research grants and subsidies. Those poor researchers are doing what they do out of the goodness of their hearts…and even suggesting that there might be another possibility just means that you’re obviously a shill for the greedy oil companies.

    Al Gore makes a fortune from his carbon trading schemes and selling his “the sky is falling” message? Well, that’s not greed. He’s just leveraging his message to better position himself as the Savior of The World. If he didn’t make all that money, no one would take him seriously.


    I think part of the problem is that you view everything as if we all live in Idaho — and we don’t.

    And there’s your problem. Human nature doesn’t change from Idaho to California. What changes is the way society deals with the differences in human nature. If the societies in the more liberal locales were more like Idaho, many of the problems they’re experiencing right now would be significantly reduced.

    You get more of the things that are rewarded by a society.

    If you reward strong families, hard work and moral values, that’s what you get more of.

    If you reward illiteracy, laziness, immorality, criminal activity, and out of wedlock parenthood…

  3. “Psychiatrists refer to it as “projection”. Precisely.

    The Left does know full well what a right means, and how it works, but they’re highly selective in how they apply the concept. There is just the one right they see as absolute. For all other rights, the constitution is a “living document”, which they prove by killing it.

  4. With regard to perniciousness and fatality, HIV is the best analog; Ebola is too sudden. Mugabe is the Ebola of economics. But I was thinking about how Communism returns for each generation of humans, much like the herpes virus returns. After each attack the body beats back, the Herpes virus retreats to hide around some nerve only to re-erupt when the body’s defenses are weakened.

  5. There are some strains of communism (I was thinking of Pol Pot) that are very sudden, bloody and deadly. But in the more general case HIV is probably a better match.

  6. The school massacres weren’t caused by excessive government.

    Gun free school zones, mandated by law.

    Caused? No. But disarmed victim zones certainly enable massacres and encourage the selection of schools as locations.

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