Gun cartoon of the day

Where are the people whose lives have been saved by people with guns?

Oh, that’s right! They make a very determined effort to ignored the benefits of gun ownership.


2 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. You’re wrong about this cartoon. The dead guy’s name is GangBanger McScumthug. The old lady is the person who shot him, as he was breaking into her home while she was watching her grandchild (shown). The guy is his parole officer. No family or loved ones to show up.

  2. No, they’re not there because they ignore them. They consider the thug doing the break-in as the victim in their stats. They don’t consider the woman home alone with a shotgun that has a choice. A choice to die or to save her own life. Now that she’s still alive, she’s got to live with the fact that she ended another life. But the thug is the victim.

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