Gun cartoon of the day

Nice representation of the NRA as Nazis. And, of course, no concept of due process or the effectiveness of the “terrorist watch list”.

The gun representation is pretty messed up too.


5 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Its so wrong there’s little I can comment on.

    I’m actually quite impressed that the antis seem to be playing the “Big Lie” game with the “Terrorist Watch List”, and much like the Arizona Immigration law. The truth won’t win many hearts and minds, so best to drowned out the voices of those speaking the truth by making the lie synonymous with the issue.

    Sadly, the Watch list still exists, despite the Time Square bomber being arrested ON a PLANE, and the countless innocent people hassled by the list, and the Arizona law has been repealed….

  2. Funny how with the Left, when it’s about getting on planes, the Terrorist Watch List is a poorly-managed tool of racism, oppression, and bureaucratic incompetence, with legion complaints about how exactly it is determined who to put on the list, how to tell if you are on it, and how to get off of it if you believe you were added unjustly. Change the subject to guns, and all of the sudden it’s a wonderful idea and anyone who objects is in favor of giving guns to terrorists. Due process? Bah, don’t you understand that the point is to deny guns to as many people as possible?

  3. Looks like the artist was going for some kind of M-4-style firearm with a Master Key slung underneath it – pretty poorly drawn, regardless.

    I am with Mason – yet another tool of the government that the “liberals” are for when it is convenient for them, and against when it is not.

  4. I too, am with Mason, whether he be George, the patriot or the inventor of the Mason Jar, blessed instrument of food independence for thousands of farmers and housewives.
    There are too many programs that are the absolute end of freedom in America when administered by Republicans that become instruments of liberty when administered by Democrats. Once again, President Johnson’s (spit) words about not looking at how a law might be used by you and your allies, but how it might be used by your enemies (or words to that effect) are completely on point re this blacklist (not to put too fine a point on it).

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