Is that all you’ve got?

The Brady Campaign is proudly touting an interview they did with United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan:

Duncan is from Chicago, the nearly gun law utopia of the Brady Campaign. While he praises the Brady Campaign for “all their hard work” he avoids any indication that he is aligning himself or the administration with their agenda.

If you attend the Gun Rights Policy Conference and listen to the politicians there they will be very direct in their support of the right to keep and bear arms. That an administration official who came from Chicago is avoiding support of the Brady Campaign agenda is exceedingly noteworthy.

It’s also noteworthy that the Brady campaign has disabled comments for their video. Reasoned Discourse is a requirement for their agenda.

The Blaze–A new news source

Glenn Beck announced a new news site on his website last night and on his show this morning:

It looks interesting.

Just scanning a few stories I particularly liked the stores about the Education Secretary urged government works to attend the rally led by Rev. Al Sharpton on August 28th and the one about Human Service Secretary says the Whitehouse will use reeducation to convince voters the health care bill was a good thing.

In addition to doing their own research and reporting they also have AP stories such as EPA Now Denies Plans to Ban Lead Ammunition.

I haven’t looked around for the evidence yet but I expect we will see signs of incipient aneurisms in the political left over this.

Quote of the day—Neal Knox

…the California Justice Department’s Criminalists Institute conducted a survey of all the crime labs in the state, trying to determine how many so-called “assault weapons” were seized, and how many were used in violent crimes, during 1990. Those forensic labs, which included 22 state-run units, have all the data concerning the guns used in crimes in the state.

According to the 1991 Helsley internal memo, those involved in pushing the “Roberti-Roos’ bill—including some of the state’s highest-ranking police administrators, the Senate President, one of the most-powerful members of the assembly, and the Attorney General, himself—had made the deliberate decision not to seek information from the crime labs.

Helsley wrote: “Information on assault weapons would not be sought from forensic laboratories as it was unlikely to support the theses on which the legislation would be based.

The current Justice Department apparently wishes it hadn’t asked the laboratories for hard information either, for the data—with responses from the labs covering two-thirds of the state’s population—shows there is no significant problem. The DOJ has refused to provide their draft summary of the results, but has released the raw data, in compliance with the state’s freedom of information law.

According to reliable sources the survey showed that of all firearms confiscated, less than 5 percent were guns in the Roberti-Roos list. And of guns involved in violent crimes, only six-tenths of one percent were “assault weapons.”

Neal Knox
January 31, 1992
The “Assault Weapon” Hysteria
From The Gun Rights War, page 273.
[f they knew an assault weapon ban would not, could not possibly, reduce crime the what was the real reason for wanting an “assault weapon” ban?

That was over 18 years ago. Why do organizations like the Brady Campaign still advocate for such a ban? Just what could possibly be the real reason?

This book is a wealth of information for gun rights activists. But I have a love/hate relationship with it. The articles go back 40 years. 40 years of fighting against this kind of stuff! The deliberate deceptions and misrepresentations of the anti-gun people has been constant. I love to see the history but I hate it that we still are fighting the same battles against, apparently evil, and obviously lying, people. We currently have them on the run in the courts. We need to drive a stake in the heart of this beast this time. We need to do that both legally and culturally. Make them the 21st century cultural equivalent of the KKK. Because that is what they are.—Joe]

Times up

Last week Kevin posted My New Favorite Flag. I went over to have dinner and watch a DVD with son James recently. The Gadsden Flag on his living room wall reminded me of Kevin’s post so I told him, “There is a variation of that flag now. I saw it on a blog yesterday.”

“Oh?”, James said. James has a strong tendency toward cynicism and I could hear it in his voice this time.

I figured I would be able to put a little bit of a crack that cynical wall he puts up sometimes and so I described the flag to him, “Instead of the snake just being coiled it’s in the middle of a strike with the fangs bared. And instead of ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ it says, ‘Times Up'”. I’m sure I had a smirk on my face. That should break through I thought.

He didn’t even look at me. He just sighed and asked, “And where is there any evidence of anyone doing something about it being ‘times up’?”

“Let’s watch our show now”, I told him.

Our mission is to defend the homeland

Chet came by my office today and started talking about “When we were kids.” We are about double the age of most of our co-workers and have a little more in common with each other than we do some of the other people. We both grew up on farms. He in Kansas. And, of course, me in Idaho. It gives us a perspective that “some of the younger folk” don’t really appreciate. We remember when most of the homes had outhouses instead of indoor toilets. And our parents lived through the “Great Depression”. We remember what our parents told us about what they and others had to do to make it through. I keep wondering if that will someday be referred to as “GD I” and this go around “GD II” but that is another story.

We talk about economics quite a bit. “What is it going to be like this time?”, we ask each other. Back then it was a world-wide thing too. That was what enabled Hitler to gain power.

This time it wasn’t economics that Chet wanted to talk about.

“Remember those old movies about WW II when the Germans would stop someone on the train and demand their papers?”, he asked.

My officemate had stepped out for bit and I knew we were going to have “a session”. I leaned my chair back and put my feet up on my desk and said, “Yeah. I remember.”

He continued, “We used to think how scary that was. How terrible it was they would do something like that. Right?”

“Absolutely!”, I agreed.

“There is an article in the New York Times today about how our government is doing that today on trains that run between New York City and Detroit”, he said.

I told him I had just read a blog post about that same sort of thing this morning. We chatted a while about it. Neither of us knowing what we could really do about it. “But it sure ain’t right.” we agreed. We always used to believe it couldn’t happen here. We were “special”. We were a free country and that sort of thing just didn’t happen here. It couldn’t happen here.

But it is. It is happening here, right now. And as Roberta X said this morning, Getting Used To It Doesn’t Make It Right.

My officemate returned and Chet left with us both shaking our heads in sadness.

I found the New York Times article and after I read it I went over the Chet’s office. “The government is claiming that if they are within 100 miles of an international border or the three mile limit off the coast they don’t need warrant or anything. They can just grab people they think are ‘of interest’ and demand they prove they are citizens”, I told him. “Right here in this office we are within 100 miles of the Canadian border.” I let it sink in for a couple seconds then continued, “Think of what 100 miles inland from both coasts, the Gulf, and both the north and south borders cover. I’ll bet 50% of the U.S. population is covered by that.”

Chet and I didn’t have much to say after that you wouldn’t have already concluded. We could be headed for some scary times. We talked about it for a couple minutes and went back to work. I think we just got used to it.

If it makes you feel any better about the whole thing–the agent in charge of the Rochester station told the New York Times, “Our mission is to defend the homeland.”

Yeah, I’m sure it is. I think I heard that line in a movie when I was a kid.

Bulk ammo

I received an email today from Bulk Ammo:

Hi Joe!

I read your blog- The View From North Central Idaho from time to time and thought you might want to know that we just launched a new online ammo retailer that specializes in bulk ammunition for serious shooters.

If you are interested, we would sure appreciate a short post to your readership (and a link to with the anchor text “Bulk Ammo” – or feel free to link to your favorite category page!) about our grand opening!

Feel free to pass along the following coupon code for $25 off their first order over $200: GrandOpening

We have a lot of inventory available and its all ready to ship, so enjoy!

Keep up the good work!



I haven’t bought much ammo recently. Mostly I have been reloading from supplies I purchased two or three years ago so I’m not really the best person to judge whether the prices are good. Check it out for yourself.

I should do something like that

Via David I found there is a blog with nothing but videos of explosions.

I go out to the Boomershoot site every few weeks and have the opportunity to do something with some explosives. I rarely do. Mostly it is maintenance and improving the infrastructure. But if I spent 30 minutes or so setting off some explosives doing some sort of experiment (I’ve always wanted to know what two pounds of Boomerite does to a small body of water) and videoing it for posting on this blog it probably would be worthwhile.

I was on site Saturday but just did clean up and inventory. I took my rifle and planned to do some explosives testing but I didn’t have time for it. I didn’t even get all the clean up done.

Quote of the day–Genesis

We must throw the infantile model of “the people are under the cops as a
baby is under his or her parents
” in the dustbin and instead transition to
a model of “you’re adults, you’re free to act as adults, and we both trust
you to be adults and assist us in our job of identifying crooks when necessary.
We also both believe in and support your right to stop the
thugs on your own in lawful self-defense should it become necessary, God forbid,
and we will not only cease and desist from interfering with that right we will
start encouraging you to exercise it.

While there are few if any places in the United States where the victimless
crime view has been adopted, there are plenty where law enforcement both
respects the right of the people to self-defense and recognizes that
they need the common citizens more than the citizens need them,
especially if and when the government teat of “everyone can suckle all they
want” disappears

Where I live is one such area in this country – if things get “really bad”
around here I’m quite certain the common man will be standing
shoulder-to-shoulder with local law enforcement agencies toward the same aligned
goal – stopping the Zombies from eating the citizens.

For Chicago to achieve that it’s law enforcement community is going to have
to quit treating the citizens like infants whom it can rob candy from any time
it feels like it.

August 26, 2010
Janet’s Heart Is In The Right Place
[Via email from Chet.

There is a lot more of interest in the post. He explains why the cops are so hated in some areas of the country, why this is a bad thing, and how to fix it.–Joe]

Random thought of the day

I sometimes wonder it it wouldn’t be better if the victims of a crime were to deliver the punishment. Or in the case of the victim being dead or otherwise physically unable to carry out the punishment their nearest living relatives or friends could be assigned the task.

The convicted criminal would be sole property of the victim for three days and would be presented to the victim in stocks with a wide variety of tools available for inflicting punishment or the victim could bring their own. The victim do anything from set them free, to sell off their organs, and torture and/or kill them. It would be all be recorded and made available to the public. This would put some social pressure on the victim to deliver a just punishment.

Of course this would totally violate the Eight Amendment so suspend that objection for now and consider this just some random thought. As the anti-gun people do, only consider the plausible benefits and not the adverse consequences.

  • We would save a lot of money by not having prisons.

  • Since child abusers get such a rough time in prisons I believe this means that child abusers are believed to be inadequately punished (it could also mean it is just part of some ranking system with them being at the bottom of the respect hierarchy). I suspect there would be a lot less child abuse in the world if it were the parents or other close relative delivering “justice”.

  • With the current system of fixed punishments for crimes criminals can easily make rational decisions to be criminals. As in, “I can do the time so why not commit the crime?” With the punishment being unknown the potential criminal does not know if they can “do the time”.

  • Pacifists would be forced to carry a greater burden of their convictions. Known pacifists would be much more likely to be selected as victims. Yes, I realize this system would also result in “baiting” by sadists who portrayed themselves as pacifists which would reduce the likelihood that the pacifist would carry their full burden.

  • If there were no victim there would be no punishment. It would mean the end of victim-less crimes.

The thing that brought this to the forefront of my consciousness today was this story. What sort of punishment is this guy going to get from ejaculating into his co-workers water bottle? A fine? Somehow that just doesn’t seem right.

If his victim were to decide the punishment I would expect him to be stripped naked in the hot sun for three days with one hand free to drink from the water bottles within his grasp. When he finished drinking all the bottle contents he could go free. I’m sure the male friends of the victim would be glad to provide the bottle contents. He could drink or die from dehydration. His choice.

Quote of the day–American Mercenary

If government is the source of rights, then the government can take those “rights” away. Don’t believe me? Reference; China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, USSR, and Burma.

Government can and will take your life. Where the hell are your “rights” then?

Here is a base truth; Government does not create, government meddles in the form of regulation and redistribution of human activity.

American Mercenary
August 28, 2010
[As I have said before, governments cannot grant or create rights. They can only protect them or infringe them.–Joe]

Reid loses NRA endorsement

Breaking news:

The vote on Elena Kagan’s confirmation to the Court, along with the previous
year’s confirmation vote on Sonia Sotomayor, are critical for the future of the
Second Amendment. After careful consideration, the NRA-PVF announced today that
it will not be endorsing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for re-election in
the 2010 U.S. Senate race in Nevada.

Quote of the day–ubu52

Food and water are basic human rights. I can’t believe anyone would argue that they aren’t.

August 24, 2010
Comment to Crap for brains
[This came up in the context of a “right” to health care. She supported her claim with a link to the UN declaration of “Human Rights” which includes this statement:

  1. Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and
    well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and
    medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the
    event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of
    livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.
  2. Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All
    children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social

Hence it is not about someone depriving someone else of food, water, or air. This is about some government (people with guns) taking goods and services from some set of people and giving it to others.

And she “can’t believe anyone would argue” against that viewpoint? An “interesting” and totally naive perspective. I would like to remind anyone that believes such a thing that 100+ million people died in the last century because of attempts to create just that type of utopia. If she and others would like to volunteer themselves for the next experiment doomed to failure I only request they take it to some place where my family and friends don’t have to contend with defending our lives and property and disposing of the rotting flesh.


Volunteers needed in Arlington Washington

Via the Apex Of the Triangle of Death:

NRA Washington is doing an open house at the Norpoint Range in Arlington on the weekend of Sep 4th and 5th. I know that’s a holiday weekend, however if you could put the word out to your contacts that we need a few volunteers to help me staff the table that would be fantastic. I’ll be there all day Saturday and Sunday, ideally I’d like to have 4 people a day for 2 hours each, that way we can break the times up a bit.

If you know of anyone in that area (north of Seattle) that would be interested in hanging out in a gun shop all day, have them shoot me an email!


Caleb N Giddings
NRA Campaign Field Representative
caleb at

I actually will be driving through Arlington on the 4th (to here) but I’m pretty sure my wife has plans for me other than hanging out at a gun range for a couple hours. I will be pack’in in the park for the weekend though.

That explains it

I ran across this post today and had to read the bold (added by me) section below twice to make sure I read it correctly:

Private, unlicensed gun sales are currently exempt from federal background
checks and sales retention requirements, such as purchases at gun shows, some of
which are (conveniently?) attributed to robberies of homes, cars or dealer

Surprisingly, only seven states and the District of Columbia require gun
owners to report their guns lost or stolen – another reason for the need of
national standards. 

By some counts, of an estimated 300M guns in the U.S., there are close to 4
million assault weapons. The number of undocumented gun owners and their
unregistered guns in this country may surpass the numbers of undocumented
immigrant workers. All of the above infringe upon the rights of law-abiding


What sort of perverted definition of “right” does this guy have? And to further confound things this is on the website of a lawyer who specializes, among other things, in criminal law. A lawyer who apparently has read the Bill of Rights sufficiently close to know you have right to an attorney and to not incriminate yourself. But yet, yesterday, still wasn’t aware that the Second Amendment guarantees a specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.

He compares “undocumented gun owners” to “undocumented immigrant workers”. Where is the “clue bat”? “Undocumented workers” entered the country illegally and are working here illegally. Gun ownership with or without “documentation”, in of itself, is a guaranteed right and is not illegal.

I wondered, “What could possibly get this guy so confused?” I then noticed his address. It is Oxnard California. They drink a lot of Kool-Aid down there.

Quote of the day–Tamara K.

There is anecdotal evidence that the banning of traditional ammunition would have an adverse impact on government bureaucrat populations.

Tamara K.
August 26, 2010
[If properly expended I’m pretty sure Tamara and friends have enough “traditional ammunition” on hand to make a noticeable impact on said populations.

I would also like to make mention of the fact that I’ve seen her shoot a rifle offhand at targets 200 yards away:

You don’t want her to “saddle up and bust caps” unless you have a surplus of body bags and bureaucrats with a desire to have them matched up.–Joe]

Don’t take pictures of your criminal activities

I just wonder if they will use the video as evidence at their trial, thereby putting it into the public domain:

Authorities identified the suspects in a break-in at a rural home at Elma
after viewing a sex video filmed by a pair and recognizing them.

According to the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office:

A neighbor who had come to collect mail while the homeowner was away walked
in on the pair as they were having sex on the floor. The naked couple fled,
leaving behind a stolen camera .

A 39-year-old woman was arrested in Montesano on investigation of burglary.
An arrest warrant was issued for a 31-year old Elma man.