Quote of the day–Dave Hardy

It was only a few years ago that Brady and others were suing gun manufacturers right and left, as part of a campaign to bankrupt the industry, a campaign that had a good chance of succeeding. Today, they’re on the defensive (to the extent they act at all) and the progun side is on the offense. Since almost all of it has occurred over the last month or so, it’s more than an offense, it’s a legal blitzkrieg.

Dave Hardy
July 29, 2010

SAF, Alan Gura, sue over Maryland carry permit denial

[I have written of this sort of thing before. Keep the initiative and drive them into political extinction. We must choose the time and place of the battle. Letting them choose the time and the place is a recipe for losing.

It appears the people in the driver seat understand this and have the mean to follow through on it.–Joe]