Quote of the day–Josh Sugarmann

The same industry that has given us armor-piercing ‘cop-killer’ bullets, plastic
handguns, and assault weapons has now added caseless ‘phantom’ ammo to its
litany of assaults on public safety. This is just the latest example of the
failure of a system that allows a virtually unregulated industry to develop and
market hazardous products without the pre-market scrutiny afforded almost all
other products in America.

Josh Sugarmann
July 6, 1993
New Technology–Caseless “PHANTOM” Ammo–Could Devastate Police Investigations
remember when this came out. It was the heyday of gun control in this
country. It’s almost hard to believe I’ve been fighting this guy for
over 17 years.

Just like “cop-killer bullets”, “plastic handguns”, and “assault weapons” Sugarmann had to, and still does, deliberately mislead and lie to the public in an attempt achieve his unconstitutional attack on a specific enumerated right.

times I still wonder if it was the enabling of better communication by
the Internet, the success of the “assault weapon” ban which awoke the
voters, the emergence of great leaders, or something else that turned
the tide. A “little bird” told me there is a movie being made the
chronicles the gun rights movement of the last 50 years or so. Although I’m more interested in making history
than documenting it does help to review the diplomatic rhetoric and
saber rattling, as well as the skirmishes and battles from time to time.
We can learn about the ways of our enemies and how our heroes both
stumbled and won battles.–Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Josh Sugarmann

  1. Caseless ammo will devastate police investigations?

    Dude must freak out over revolvers.

    Although I’m still ticked off caseless ammo hasn’t been perfected.

  2. Gee, I never thought about what a great assassination tool my my 1967 vintage Daisy VL .22 rifle would make. Granted, it’s only a single shot and a little slow on the reload, but until I ran out of the 500 rounds of CASELESS ammo I have stashed for it, I could go on a major crime spree with no fear of getting caught. You’d think I would have been worried about one of them falling into criminal hands for a while, since I’ve been a cop for 25 years.

    Sugarmann’s side is losing not only because they are WRONG, but because he makes ridiculous arguments, and like Robb said, I don’t know how I ever solved any of the homicides I worked that involved revolvers (oh, and the one in which a single-shot shotgun was used).

  3. Caseless ammo was perfected, Robb. The Germans got the G11 working and was ready for production when the Cold War ended and they couldn’t justify the costs to replace the G3 rifle in the German Army with no enemy to fight. It remains a wistful “What If?”.

  4. Y’all probably know that there are probably millions of deadly rifles and handguns in America that never did use cartridge cases. What’s more, they’re not even classified as firearms by the federal government. They’re called muzzleloaders and cap & ball revolvers.

    I have a repro of an 1850s Remington New Model Army revolver that uses something even more sinister and scary – consumable envelope cartridges. Oh My! Lawd help us! I ordered it on-line and had it shipped directly to me without any paperwork, for only 200 dollars. In addition to taking loose powder loads, it takes pre-assembled cartridges designed to be fully consumed upon firing, leaving no evidence for police. It fires large bullets made entirely of toxic heavy metals. They can be hand-made using easily available, low-cost materials.

    The world is such a scary, scary place that we should all curl up in the fetal position and suck our thumbs until help arrives.

  5. Little birdie? You mean a horribly slanted michael moore esqe movie like bowling for columbine?

    And I read somewhere that most gangsters prefer revolvers. No flying brass and more power.

  6. The only virtually unregulated industry that I can see that is “permitted” to develop and market hazardous products without the pre-market scrutiny afforded almost all every other product in America is the anti-freedom, anti-liberty gun control lobby, and Josh Sugarman in particular.

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