TSA blinders

I’ve been wondering when something like this would be publicized and available for sale.

If I had the time and didn’t mind missing my flight I would make myself a set of clothes that were lined with, or made of, aluminized Mylar. I pretty sure it would be hot and uncomfortable but it would also totally block the latest TSA body scanners.

If I had enough money that I didn’t have to work anymore I think I could entertain myself for years making (bigger) fools of the TSA on a weekly basis. Of course some of my jollies might bring commercial aviation to halt for a day or two and then I would feel bad for the hardship I had imposed on all the innocent people trying to travel.


13 thoughts on “TSA blinders

  1. Very cool, Joe!

    My only complaint is they seem to have pasties that are generic, and heterosexual themed items. They need to make a male pastie that references “Husband” and “Boyfriend” and female ones that use “Wife” and “Girlfriend”.

    Great product!

    Also, while there are only a few comments, they seem not to realize how much detail is shown by these scanners. We all remember the TSA employee who was sexually harassed after he entered a scanner for training purposes and his colleges could see well enough that he had a small penis, and I have seen pictures from scanners where you can clearly see details like a woman’s labia.

    This is NOT an acceptable violation of personal privacy.

  2. I just have to wonder how long it will take for the .gov to make these illegal to use for their intended purpose – or if it already is illegal to attempt to “interfere” with these scanners.

    I agree with Weer’d, the level of detail these scanners reveal is totally unacceptable. It’s a warrantless strip search without having to actually remove clothing. Also, there are supposedly several explosives that the scanners won’t pick up anyway, so it’s still nothing more than theater.

  3. And that’s just another reason why I will never fly again unless I am going overseas on business.

    And then I’ll choose a foreign carrier.

  4. Sounds like a good way to not be allowed thru security, get a civil fine, and get charged with obstruction of justice.

  5. Actually, one probably doesn’t need a full body suit of aluminized mylar, just a stencil or two cut from it, the message from which would, I expect, be fully protected by the First Amendment.

    I wonder what would happen if some travelers used hollow “enhancements” to simulate larger anatomical components. I see a marketing opportunity…..

  6. I’ve thought for some time about various things cut from aluminum foil, but mylar would work much better. Trying to decide on either a penis that stretches halfway to my knees or maybe a .45. 🙂

  7. I wonder if a very fine-mesh metallic screen would work as well, but let water vapor through and thus be more comfortable. What wavelength do those things use?

  8. Wait, I have it! Let’s make some Mormon underwear woven of aluminized yarn! You’d have to be a real Mormon to make it work, I think, but that would be a real “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” First Amendment problem for the goons.

  9. Justthisguy,

    Millimeter and X-ray.

    By Jove! I think you’ve got it! Of course if they can’t see your privates they will just pull you aside to feel them.

    But the way to win this is to increase the cost to unacceptable levels. Requiring hand searches for a high percentage of the victims may do that.

  10. Hmm. x-rays. Faraday Cage don’t work against that. I think I don’t know enough physics. Maybe Mormon Temple Garments (Tm) made of cloth of gold? (with some barium alloyed in it)

  11. If a friendly person has one of these gizmos, and would let us test various countermeasures empirically and experimentally…

  12. I doubt any court would find against the legality of these scanners on Fourth Amendment grounds despite the violation being so obvious a child could see it.

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