Gun cartoon of the day

My guess is the artist had no idea what a “Saturday Night Special” is. And I’m certain they didn’t know the origin of the phrase (“Ni**ertown Saturday Night Special”) and how the legal restrictions on them came about (to disarm poor blacks).

And what about the “School Day Shooters”? Did the artist really believe people advocate shooting school children? I think some pretty bad things of the anti-gun people but I am of the opinion that most of them actually have good intentions (reduction of criminal violence). But there are so many anti-gun people who seem to actually believe the pro-freedom people intend the destruction of innocent life. I suppose it’s possible they don’t actually believe their own rhetoric. They could be just telling the big lie again and again in hope others will believe it.

But I think the most likely explanation is that they haven’t put any thought into it. So many times when I have asked some anti-gun person just one or two questions they get this blank look on their face. It’s a “deer in the headlights” look. Or perhaps a better metaphor would be that it is as if they were the Emperor who just realized they were totally without clothes.


2 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. As a former anti-gunner with both good intentions and a wealth of ignorance about the issue, I’ll agree with your assessment.

    Still there are LOTS AND LOTS of people on the anti-freedom side who make it a point to confuse “Assault Weapons” with fully-automatic weapons, and weapons used in crimes. People pointing out that they are in support of the right to own guns…just not where THEY live, or people who simply want firearm ownership to be more like England, a privilege enjoyed by the aristocracy.

    Thankfully these people are VERY easy to identify. Do they give the “deer in the Headlights Stare” or simply run from the issue by changing the subject, or only broaching it when they believe they are only with like-minded people. Or do they double-down and push rhetoric and lies to further their agenda in the face of logic and fact.

    Your assessment that the anti-gun folks are on the same ground as the Klan, or Aryan nation (or more appropriately the New Black Panther party, or Trinity United Church of Christ, as hate-groups like that have the MSM’s expressed support) and the people out there who have good intentions need to made WELL AWARE of what a dangerous road for good intentions this issue is.

    To expand on my point I’d point to people who want to expand police and prosecution powers to violent 4th, 5th, and further rights so that Gang members and terrorists are more easily brought to “Jusitice” (quotes are used because warrentless searches, and denial of trials are hardly just) we need to know that while such abuse COULD be used for good, they could just as easily be used for evil, and there are much safer solutions available.

  2. Weer’d,

    There certainly are a significant number of people who know full well they are telling lies and misrepresenting the facts for political or financial gain. And those that just want to put those “gun owners/ni**gers” in their place. But in the present context the artist appears to just be dimwitted and/or ignorant and may in fact have good intentions.

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