Quote of the day–Janelle Barnett

I once received an award for best tonal quality in a belching contest.

Janelle Barnett
July 17, 2010
[Even though this was at the Boomershoot site we weren’t wearing any hearing protection at the time.

I don’t think there is anything more I should say about incident or the conversation.–Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Janelle Barnett

  1. OK, this is the comment which I couldn’t post, the other day:

    I attended a sport-belching contest once, in the basement of Techwood Dorm, at Ga. Tech. I believe it was in the summer of ’69. The contestants were judged for length (duration) of belch, loudness of belch, timbre of belch, number of words said during the belch, wittiness of words said during the belch, and general attitude.

    We had a panel of judges, with numbered flip-cards, and all. I think there was a guy with a stopwatch, too. There was, of course, a complicated weighted formula mixing all of those considerations, to decide who won.

    The prize was, also of course, a silly gewgaw of no value whatsoever.

  2. P.s. The captcha letters were upper-case. When I entered them as such, the captcha didn’t work. The second time, I entered them as lower-case and got through. ‘sup widdat?

  3. The captcha times out after ‘N’ minutes. I’m not sure what ‘N’ is but for a long comment you will frequently end up needing to try a second time. Sorry about that. It’s not my under my control unless I want to get the source code and fix it myself.

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