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The Supreme Court’s decision gives Americans a lot to think about — from the “privileges or immunities” clause to the Court’s proper role in enforcing the Constitution. But whenever we discuss gun control, we need to remember that a government capable of gun control is capable of tyranny. Both the majority opinion and Thomas’s concurrence in McDonald — following in the steps of works such as Stephen P. Halbrook’s Securing Civil Rights — perform the crucial service of explaining how important that fact was in the wake of the Civil War.

Robert Verbruggen
July 7, 2010
Gun Rights Are Civil Rights
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We need to hammer this point whenever we can. The specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms is a civil right. We are civil rights workers and leaders. Those that oppose us are bigots who wish to deny us and people in general an inalienable right.–Joe]


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  1. And now,with the McDonald decision, we can make the wonderful analogy that Mayors Daley and Bloomberg are no different from Harry Byrd, Orval Faubus or Ross Barnett, those other great champions of reasonable state and local restrictions on civil rights.

  2. No government is capable of “gun control”. It’s a meaningless buzzword. What they really mean is “behavior control”, and try as they might, human nature remains beyond the groping tendrils of tyrants. In practice, behavior control is simply terrorizing people into submission with gratuitous, lethal violence, and it neither changes man’s basic nature or corrects the course of civilization.

  3. I’ve always thought of it as a natural human right instead of a ‘civil’ right. I have yet to see the right to life argued to be civil in nature.

    If, in fact, I human being does have a right to life (right to live) then to deny one either the ability and/or most effective tools to SECURE, DEFEND AND ENFORCE that right is to deny the underlying right itself.

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