Gun cartoon of the day

I guess women shouldn’t be allowed to possess firearms then.

I “wonder” if there were people making “jokes” like this about “allowing” women to vote and to drive automobiles too.

What I really wonder if this artist would still have any publications purchasing his work if this had been about any other topic than gun ownership.


15 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Maybe we should suggest that Ubu52 (who likely finds this cartoon funny) can’t understand statistics, logic, and facts because she’s a woman.

    That would only be fair, right?

  2. Isn’t someone who is a danger to others when they are unmedicated already a Prohibited Person?

  3. Check out the studies done on PMS and crime. It’s been successfully used as a defense for murder.

  4. ubu; so if you’re being consistent, you’re saying women shouldn’t be entrusted to positions of power? Commander in Chief (finger on The Button)? Should women with PMS be allowed to vote? How far do you want to take that line of reasoning? What we’re saying is that women have, or should have, equal status under the law. Apparently you have a differing view?

    And why is “meds” spelled with an apostrophe? She forgot her meds’ what? Layers of editorial oversight?

  5. Lyle, that’s the comma from the line above.

    Yep, Ubu makes a very good point that women, because they suffer from PMS which has been classified as temporary insanity they can’t be trusted with adult responsibilities. Guns, High-Ranking Jobs, Military service, Government service….hell just because they can CARRY a child doesn’t mean they should have parental rights!

    Ubu also seems to make good point for Sharia law, where women are not allowed in public without a male custodian.

    Do you have a custodian that watches over you when you’re in public, Ubu? How about somebody who reads your blog comments before you post them to make sure you aren’t getting yourself into trouble?

  6. And why is “meds” spelled with an apostrophe? She forgot her meds’ what? Layers of editorial oversight?

    I think that’s actually the comma from the line above it.

  7. (finger on The Button)?

    Heh. Funny you should mention just that specific example. While being out of the Navy for a few years now, I still like to keep tabs on things, and in the next two years, the CNO has decided that there will be women serving on our ballistic missile submarines. Will any of them be WEAPS (one of the key-holders)? Dunno. But, apparently, in UBU52’s opinion, they should all be relieved of duty once a month.

    That sounds… awkward.

  8. Every woman doesn’t suffer from PMS just like every soldier or cop doesn’t end up with PTSD. Some do — and it’s been used as a successful defense for murder.

  9. But why risk it? Especially when the person who claims it doesn’t happen to all women is a woman herself. Ubu, I don’t think you can properly judge this. Have you been taking your Meds?

  10. Have you been taking your Meds?

    Please tell me this isn’t a serious question… 🙂

    So UBU, can women not be trusted with guns because of PMS?

  11. Ubu is slowly giving credibility to that stupid-ass joke that if we had Hillary Clinton/Sarah Palin in office we’d have a war every 28 days…

  12. Go move to Saudi Arabia, I’m sure you’ll love being treated as a ward of the state there.

  13. Would have been nice if the dialog balloon had continued:

    “I forgot my med’s and…when I came home early this man had broken in and was waiting to rape me. Guess I was just being a Bitch when I took his gun away, he just triggered my memory of the Second Amendment.”

  14. “Please tell me this isn’t a serious question… :)”

    Of course not, I actually trust woman with responsibility, and I think women claiming insanity due to menstrual cycle hormones are excellent candidates for capital punishment.

  15. This cartoon also illustrates what gun-banners think of everyone else: we are all angry, mentally-deranged, criminally-minded homicidal maniacs just itching for an opportunity to pull the trigger on someone. Any slightest provocation will result in someone’s death!

    This is exactly the point that Jeff Snyder made in his essay “A Nation of Cowards”, when he compared what HCI (Now the Brady Bunch) said would happen when Florida would pass its concealed permit system, to the requirements for the permit (and also to what happened afterwards).

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