3 thoughts on “I would prefer it were prosecutions

  1. I agree with you on the prosecutions, but in a country that drops the charges on blatant Voter Intimidation, yet will sue a State for enforcing its own Federal laws, I wouldn’t place too much hope.

  2. Back up one section. Since it was a group of people that enacted the regulations, it qualifies as a conspiracy. PLANNING a violation of rights is a federal FELONY as opposed to a mere misdemeanor for actually DOING the violation.

  3. No matter how many lawsuits are filed and even won against crap like this, the Daleys of the nation will replace the defeated law with another just as egregious, requiring another lawsuit. In this way they can extend this fight for centuries. No! That is not hyperbole, centuries.
    This will only be settled when unpleasant ramifications are visited upon the abusers. Since we have no expectations, realistic or fanciful, of these ramifications being supplied by the justice system we have only one way to settle this issue peacefully. That is surrender. Let them have their way. That is the only avenue to peaceful resolution.
    If you find that to be anathema to your rights and our nation then the only way to settle this to its proper conclusion is force.
    Anything less will not work, because the tyrants lose nothing, even when they lose. Force will change the solution to that equation and as things now stand, it is the only thing that will.

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