Shotgun versus steel

I participated in a USPSA match at the Lewiston Pistol Club today. After the pistol match we had a shotgun side match.

I forgot to turn on my video glasses for the first string. On the second string I tried some “Low Recoil” ammo. I had to hand cycle every round fired with that ammo. I gave all my remaining ammo of that type to someone with a pump action shotgun.

My third string went well. I probably could have cut at least three or four seconds off my time had I not had so many misses, I had counted my shots so I had not taken the time to drop the hammer on an empty chamber, and I had practiced my reloads. I also don’t think I have fired a shotgun in at least a year. Here is the video from the shooters point of view:


4 thoughts on “Shotgun versus steel

  1. But if I’m not mistaken the Saiga 12 is one of those shotguns that have “No Sporting Purpose”, what are you doing playing a sport with it!!!

    Its almost as if the antis are a bunch of liars….

  2. The Saiga 12 officially looks like “way too much fun” – do want. Looks pretty sporting to me…Weer’d, you know antis never lie. (Not more than 95% of the time, anyway).

  3. Weer’d,

    As far as I know the Saiga is still imported without problems with “sporting purpose” conflicts. There were others at the match that got slightly better times (but none less that 16.0 seconds) with firearms built by U.S. manufactures. There were also guys using a pump with times in the low 20s.

    Now it’s time to go clean my shotgun…

  4. Sweeeet…

    My Norinco M37 (an Ithaca 37 clone, designed by JMB) only holds 5 in the tube, I would have had to reload no less than 3 times to get the number of shells needed to drop 16 targets, assuming I didn’t miss any.

    No wonder my older bro loves his Saiga 12 so much.

    But we both have Saiga 308s 🙂

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