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As if this would be a bad thing. They don’t even consider the possibility that existing gun laws that prohibit the innocent from defending themselves are both unconstitutional and unconscionable.


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  1. And again this is smattered with Irony, when viewed from our side, as the NRA is often maligned for its support of the Brady Bill, the Assault Weapons Ban, GCA, and the Hughes Amendment, and many say they aren’t working very hard at repealing the laws that have been repeatedly proven to do nothing but disarm the lawful and siphon money out of the public coffers.

    So yeah, repealing much of our gun laws is a VERY good thing, while enforcing laws that don’t care what tool is used, like Murder, Assault, and Rape laws.

    But many who actually know a thing-or-two about the NRA might argue that this is not even remotely the NRA’s position.

    Again, I’m LOVING this series, Joe.

  2. Yup. It does, without intending to do so, reveal a historical problem with the NRA, and especially with “conservatives” in general. Ayn Rand described the problem at length in Capitalism. If conservatives try to appear “reasonable” by conceding points of the Left (calling for enforcement of laws they oppose before they passed) then at best they come off as hypocrites. She goes on to say that “conservatives” are their own worst enemy– that no organized force has caused more damage to conservatism than some of the “conservatives” themselves, and I totally agree.

    As a practical application of this logic, I find it disgusting and ridiculous that some people are falling for the ruse of Republicans trying to co-opt the tea party movement. No force on Earth could kill that movement faster.

  3. One example of a conservative who hurt the cause of liberty: former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who pushed through the Lautenberg Amendment without even letting the Congressmen read it. Every time I see or hear Sean Hannity giving him a softball interview, I feel like screaming, “Ask him about the Lautenberg Amendment, you ass-kisser!”

  4. Examples are too numerous to list. Prescription drug program sticks out, “No Child Left Behind” Nearly all of the federal Three Letter Acronym departments, et al, but “lets enforce the gun laws we already have on the books” really sticks in my craw. LaPierre said it on national television, thinking he had a real zinger of a point, when in fact he was granting, loudly and proudly, the false premise that guns laws = crime control. Truly an amazing lack of fundamental principles.

    Republicans seem to stick their feet in their mouths similarly at every opportunity. Goldwater, I think, was the last Republican on Earth would could actually say, and believe, that there can be no compromise between liberty and tyranny. Reagan was pretty close, at least in rhetoric, but of course that (ahem) made him “unelectable”.

    Joe; you should change that last “y” to and “e”.

  5. When will they ever learn, the people who are disposed to obey the law, are not the ones committing crime with guns. Those who are going to break the law, are not hindered by the weight of laws you have heaped on the backs of the law abiding. No bank robber ever stopped because he was concerned about the Brady law, GCA ’68 or any other law. Just like law enforcement officers, the law abiding are not a risk, and could be a help when armed.

  6. I wish the NRA would actually go on the offensive to reestablish some balance into gun laws. This whole game of just playing defense is predictably not working well.

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