Gun cartoon of the day

I had two different people suggest this cartoon for today.

The artist thinks this ruling went too far? As if the incredibly tiny step of recognizing the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms means cities and states may not enact total bans on handguns in the home for self-defense implies unfettered access to rocket launchers for non-adults.


5 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Where’s a sixteen year old going to get the money for a rocket launcher? Minimum wage and Obamacare have pretty much killed any chance he has of a summer job.

  2. I have long held that “Horsey” is the Americanized version of the name, that in The Old Country it was “Horseysass.”

  3. Well before I was sixteen, I was in the school rocket club. Chemistry class came a bit later. Then we had only slightly fettered access to various nitrates, acids, powdered metals, and lots of other fun stuff. Just sayin’.

    Phelps; we worked for years on local farms, all under the table, when we were kids. My brother bought a new Triumph motorcycle and I bought a high-end stereo system, among other things including a car, before we graduated high school. But then, pretty much everything we did as kids would be grounds for imprisonment, mandatory counselling and/or Child Proitective Services breaking up the family nowadays. Back then kids could be kids. Now it’s a federal issue.

  4. Hint – you already can – by NFA destructive device….

    but then again, what, you’re 16 years old, what are you gonna spend the dough on? A used car, new clothes, possible girlfriend/significant other, illicit substances (maybe but if you do that up through 21 you shouldn’t own a gun anyways), college tuition, rent…

    when a paratrooper RPG-7 costs as much as the 1st year of college or a used car that can take you to work at Mickey D’s, almost anyone who is sane can see what the higher priority is.

    Not to mention NFA is illegal for anyone under 21 (or 18?)

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