Gun cartoon of the day

Penis “jokes”, freedom is about killing people, guns are only good for killing, armor piercing bullets, and racism. Not bad for a four panel cartoon.

But they left out kids killing kids, explicitly saying gun owners are stupid and crazy, the NRA is a lobby for greedy gun manufactures, and we worship guns.


5 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. The term “fever dreams” does come to mind.

    That SpleenEater 5 does sound interesting though. Why the candelabra at the business end? Is the artist trying to say something about Jews?

    “Twelve bullets at once” huh? Holy WOW– that’s just like a heavy load of that super exotic ammo known as 00 buckshot.

  2. My wife says in times of trouble, if I pull out my penis instead of my gun, I’m in serious trouble.

  3. Of course Leftists see freedom as the ability to kill someone. If you examine one’s business options nowadays, virtually every aspect is regulated, whether by OSHA, Health and human services, SEC, FCC, RICO, you name it, the only freedom anyone has, and this does not apply to men, is whether a woman is to have an abortion or not. Not much freedom anywhere else. And where is the liberty?

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