Gun cartoon of the day

As if it has ever happened at any gun show, NRA convention, a gun range, and any other place where nearly everyone has a gun.

It only takes one solid data point to disprove a hypothesis and we, over the years, have millions of solid data points. Do they have even a hint of one?


2 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Man, oh man – what is WRONG with these people? They must have some serious issues. Wow.

  2. And of course comes the fallacy that somehow a gun is only a useful defensive tool against another person with a gun. This is often used as a lever for European gun laws and “proportional force laws” because somehow getting stabbed by a criminal with a knife is preferable than getting shot dead, hence why they only concern themselves with one type of violence. Furthermore places like the UK where they do have a low (but rising) “Gun Violence” rate, but a very high violent crime rate, they can claim their subjects don’t “need a gun”

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