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This is being extremely selective in the studies quoted such that only those that support their agenda are mentioned–even if those studies have been refuted. It then becomes a willful lie (explained in Chapter 8 of How To Lie with Statistics) by extending the studies correlation conclusions by flat out saying correlation means causation.


6 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. It was buzz-words like this that made me vehemently anti-gun, and distrustful of those who owned or carried guns (Tho I oddly made exceptions for hunters, and Police Officers).

    Of course when I got older and wanted to see HOW and WHY these things were so (as Pro-Gun people were telling me they were wrong, and I wanted to show those dumb hicks who they were messing with!) and as I said before, I had to switch sides, because I would not support the side of the liars.

  2. This is a cartoon, i.e. a “funny”? It’s a political ad, not even disguised as a “comic”.

  3. They can’t win if they don’t cheat, and evidently they can’t even talk or express themselves without lying.

  4. Weer’d Beard:

    Keep in mind that the same facts that changed your mind are all well-known to the gun control crowd, yet they continue lying. Which brings up the question, why do they continue to lie in order to facilitate the side they know to be factually and morally wrong?

    These people are not soft-headed dupes. They are malicious, evil liars. Which squares perfectly with their poorly-concealed glee every time someone goes on a shooting rampage: being evil men, they have no feeling for the victims of these crimes.

    Evil, like liberty, is hard to separate into different compartments. People who cheat on their wives almost invariably cheat on their clients and their employers; people who are willing to commit robbery seldom stop at rape or murder, if they think they can get away with it; and corrupt government officials who are OK with using lies to rob their people seldom blink at using violence against the same people.

  5. Rates among population? Circumstances? The same tired, old unqualified statistics. Among a collection of statistics specifically chosen due to the presence of firearms, it was found that firearms were involved. What sort of cretin is surprised or actually finds value in this information?

  6. A gun in the home?
    You know, there is a high correlation indicating that if you have insulin in the home someone will have diabetes. By the logic of this politcal cartoon, which has been stripped of all context and nuance (the forte of the left, but there it is), we could reduce diabetes which is on the rampage now, by ensuring that insullin is not kept in the home.

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