No one suspects the frilly purse

Daughter Xenia is moving out in a few days. Barb asked me to take her shooting. We both asked her if she is going to get her concealed pistol license.


11 thoughts on “No one suspects the frilly purse

  1. I have almost always been suspect of handbags big enough to hold a kitchen sink. I used to get beaten with them and would swear they contained sinks, bricks, crowbars and so forth, so why not think one would hold a gun or two. Nice bag.

  2. She might want to check out the products offered by Coronado Leather. They make some serious carry purses. My wife has one that is at least 15 years old and is her everyday carry purse. It will hold her two-inch M-27 nicely. Not cheap, but quality never is.

  3. Just a holster in her purse. It’s the same gun and IWB holster I wear for everyday use. I just let her borrow it for the sake of the picture.

    It was Xenia that came up with the line about “No one suspects the frilly purse” and I decided I had to use that for a blog post.

  4. Well, if she’s going to carry, I guess she’s going to need a permit — yes? (Not sure what state she plans to carry in.)

    The purse is really pretty but I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that a purse isn’t exactly like a pocket. If I had to carry a gun and if I had to put it in my purse, I would not feel safe.

  5. Open carry is an option in the three states she will be in or near–Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. If she gets a permit it would be for Washington which will be recognized by Idaho. She would have to finish her Personal Protection (NRA firearms) class (which she started about 7 or 8 years ago) before she could get her Idaho permit.

  6. “If I had to carry a gun and if I had to put it in my purse, I would not feel safe. ”

    You’re not exactly rational or open minded about guns, so your feelings are deeply suspect. Plus you oppose ALL carry of firearms, so what difference does it make where she carries the gun?

    As for Purse carry, its 100% fine so long as the purse never leaves your body. That being said I also don’t know purse carry because I see that first contingency to be difficult.

  7. To be fair to ubu, she did express a concern that some self defense trainers have also expressed. We have the common term “purse snatcher” in our vernacular for a reason. If the shoulder strap were over the head, it would offer a little more security in that department. Every carry mode has its pros and cons, including wardrobe limitations.

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