Quote of the day–Alan Andrews

Can we institute a murder tax too? After all, if paying a tax makes felonies ok then why not issue tax stamps for murder? Everyone has a better off dead list, wouldn’t it be nice to just pay a tax and get to work?

Alan Andrews
June 17, 2010
US’s biggest fail of the 20th Century?
[Yes, it’s a felony to not pay some other taxes as well, not just a tax on removing a few millimeters of steel from a tube. But still, it makes the point and that is pretty funny.–Joe]


1 thought on “Quote of the day–Alan Andrews

  1. Excellent essay. I would only add that clarifying question; “Who’s rights are being violated?”
    Granny smokes a joint to keep her food down after chemo– who’s rights did she violate?
    Uncle Bob takes off too metal from his shotgun barrel while fixing up some dents at the muzzle– who’s rights did he violate.
    Gubmint says Uncle Bob is guilty of a felony for having a shotgun with a 17 & 15/16″ barrel and no tax stamp– who’s rights are being violated?
    You get a ticket for riding a motorcycle without a helmet, or for using a cell phone while driving without mistakes– who’s rights are being violated?
    No victim, no crime?

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