Medical pot and gun ownership

I’m a little surprised at how this turned out. I’m pleased but I still have to wonder what the Feds will think of it:

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled that a medical
marijuana patient can have a concealed handgun permit.

The court on Wednesday said Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters had no
grounds to deny the permit sought by Cynthia Willis in 2008.

Winters had argued the federal Gun Control Act of 1968 was the legal basis of
his decision.

The Court of Appeals rejected the sheriff’s arguments and found that Willis
complied with state law in her application.

Portland attorney Leland Berger, who represents Willis and three others who
were denied permits, called the ruling a victory for marijuana cardholders
around the state.


4 thoughts on “Medical pot and gun ownership

  1. I am very happy for the medical pot folks. Because I have a friend a Vet who is a quadriplegic and the only thing that allows him to eat and not die is smoking pot. When I first met him he was 105lbs at 5’11. Within a year of his pot diet he had a little gut and was 180 pounds.

    But the point is that folks who smoke for real medical reasons are often the weakest they have ever been in their lives. So a pistol helps equal up the fight in an assault. That’s is my opinion.


    Funny thing I was at the police station today applying for a C.C.W. It was such as catch 22 experience as to be funny.

    First off I live in El Cerrito, CA next to Berkeley. I first read on the internet that my Contra Costa County sheriff was the person to issue a C.C.W. permit.I talked with the woman who handles these applications at the county sheriff’s and was told I had to first be turned down by my local police chief. Then I could apply with a $30 application fee for the sheriff dept, after I had been turned down by my local Police chief. The way she said “first get turned down by your Chief of police” I knew something was up. She was telling me to go get turned down.

    Next day I got a appointment down at E.C.P.D. with a Lieutenant X. I stated my reason for wanting one and he said sounded OK but I should first guess how many CCWs are issued in El Cerrito? Zero is the answer. Also you have to pay a $850 fee for processing of which you will get back only 1/2 if your turned down. The $850 fee is what you pay for every year, plus you have to reapply every year after that. If they wanted to dissuade me they did a good job.

    That’s when I told the nice Lt. X that the sheriff’s office seemed to expect me to be turned down. But either way I could not pay $850. Then Lt. X said “well if you filled out your form and did not pay your $850 you would be denied”. I said that would be great! Then I could move on to the Sheriff’s office, where my chances are a lot better. Plus $30 seemed a hell of a lot better than $850.

    Then things got a little funny. The poor cop had to admit that he could not access the state CCW application form because his own internet system would not allow him to go anywhere on the web because they had a filter to stop city employees from watching porn, checking email etc. But he had one copy he would lend me to go get copied. Long story short I asked him to give me the website address and form number I would just print it out at home.

    He then said something which as it turns out may have saved my chances of getting my oh so important “denied” letter. He said the chief is leaving on the 30th so I might want to get my application in soon. I asked leaving on vacation or something? “No he is retiring” said Lt. X. Then the Lieutenant said “actually you might want to get the application in quick because I don’t know what the new chiefs stance on CCW will be”.

    So now I am rushing to get a denied letter because the new chief might give me a CCW and then want to charge me $850 a year!

    Kafkaesque does not even begin to describe what is going on here in California. I would be angry but I did not start this with any great hopes. Here is praying that I get denied before the chief retires. Strange no.


  2. And I thought we had it bad here in Massachusetts. Good luck with the process Miles, and I hope you come out of it with a permit and a level of sanity equal to or greater than you entered into it with.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. At least I can feel better knowing that all the criminals in the world don’t ever carry a firearm, because of fear of these mighty laws. 😀

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