Do people really believe this?

From the Rachel Maddow show transcript (H/T to Warthog’s Rachel Maddow compares NRA mission to Prohibition):

[T]he NRA is focused like a laser-guided scope on gun rights. They want people
on the terrorist watch list to have un-impinged gun rights.

They want
felons to have gun rights. They want crazy people to have gun rights. If you
want an assault rifle with a magazine that holds enough ammo to take out a whole
American school yard or a 50-caliber gun that shoots a bullet as big as a carrot
and can take down a pretty good-sized aircraft, if you want the right to carry
weapons like that and you don’t want a background check and you want to wear
those weapons to your neighborhood bar, the NRA has got your cold, dead back.

What is the basis for saying the NRA wants felons and crazy people to have gun rights? Has she even read the NRA web site? Or does she get all her NRA policy information via the rants of lunatics? Or is she one of those lunatics? I have to conclude the later because she implies the NRA is ineffective in it’s goals, should change it’s strategy, and furthermore goes on to compare the NRA to the prohibition movement.


The VPC would be the analog to the prohibition movement. The NRA is closer to the NAACP (in the early days) or the ACLU.


11 thoughts on “Do people really believe this?

  1. The way the left learns about reality is halfway between the way twelve-year-olds “learn” about sex, and the way Robert Faurisson “learns” about the Jews.

  2. I just figure that people who say stuff like that are either idiots and/or liars. Never have met one yet that could back up their BS.

  3. The people that believe this, already believed it before they heard it.

    Its my personal opinion that any objective person with any interest in the issue has already abandoned gun control as a loosing issue on all levels.

  4. I could never figure out how a 12 year old boy got his own TV show on MSNBC. Is he Olbermann’s nephew or something?

  5. And I don’t have a magazine that holds enough rounds to take out a playground. What is that? 50-60 kids at least?

    And the “take out a large airplane” has been disproven. Maybe if they hit the pilot but that’s a an extremely good shot and the plane better be flying well below safe altitude.


  6. Patrick; I have magazines that hold 75 rounds, so I could easily take out a whole “playground full” of kids with an AK. The fact that I haven’t, and won’t, do so, and the fact that if wanted to I could do so even though it’s against fifteen different laws, is lost on those who fail to understand the difference between what is theoretically possible and what is. Criminals can get guns whether they’re legal or not, but schools are completely unarmed against criminals due to rights violations. Cops have guns too. They COULD kill kids by the thousands in a coordinated effort, but for some reason we don’t see many suggestions that police departments be eliminated.

    So when we’re talking about safety, we should always be thinking of whether or not our rights are safe. We’re all going to die, but will we die with our rights intact or will we die in yet another oppressive regime?

  7. Oh, I know they exist but I was thinking more along the lines of the 30 round mags that are so troublesome for these people.. or the Glocks with 21 round mags.

  8. They want felons to have gun rights.

    Hi Joe, the NRA has backed legislation to allow a felon to petition to have his gun rights restored. But it probably won’t apply to the felons some people might envision : “There are provisions for restoration of rights after a decade of unconditional release (“unconditional” meaning probation and parole are complete), and the bill excludes criminals convicted of what the state calls “offenses against a person.” Those felony crimes run a gamut from murder and manslaughter to rape, kidnapping, human trafficking, stalking, sexual assault, online enticement of a minor and indecent exposure in the first or second degree.”

    They want crazy people to have gun rights.

    The NRA is ok with people who have been adjudicated as crazy having gun rights as long as they are no longer adjudicated as crazy. She’s probably heard of due process but decided mentioning it here might add too much nuance and would be counterproductive. The point of her two minute hate is the two minute hate.

    a 50-caliber gun that shoots a bullet as big as a carrot

    a baby carrot – unless she visualizes the entire cartridge squeezing through the barrel like something from a Looney Tunes cartoon.

  9. There was actually a study done showing how most people who opposed the NRA had not only little knowledge of firearms but also knew few if any NRA members. They hated it to maintain their own self-esteem.

    Here’s my post on it

  10. Milquetoast,

    Yeah, I know. There was a grain of truth in what she said but in the context of what she speaks she means something far different from what the NRA actually advocates. Hence, my question stands, does she really believe what she is saying? Or is it just she says to proselytize her bigoted views?


    Thanks for link. That is a great post (yeah, you mention my name and it’s about one of my favorite meme’s so I’m biased).

    All the more reason we need to “come out of the closet” and to keep challenging the bigots. Ignorance is generally curable.

  11. When it comes to liberals, there are three subjects which tend to make them lose all capacity for rational thought: guns, race, and religion.

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