Who is Brady’s donor?

After reading Rob Reed’s article I followed the link to Open Secrets and the Brady fund raising info. As Robb noted the other day (but I failed to follow up on) the Brady Campaign has had just one donor this year who gave them $2500.

If they turn off all the lights, turn the heat down really low during the winter, and only use enough air-conditioning to keep the computers from overheating that might be enough to pay the electric bill. I don’t what kind of guns you own, that’s funny.

You know what is even funnier? That one donor…I know who it is. Open Secrets lists them as Michael Wolkowitz.

That name… where have I seen that name before? Could it be some crime family boss wanting to keep their victims unarmed? Or maybe a foreign nation diplomat, the Taliban, or some other subversive? Naw! Too easy. It has to be someone else.

Oh yeah! Now I remember! It is the Brady Campaign Board Chair.

I don’t care who you are. That’s funny right there!


3 thoughts on “Who is Brady’s donor?

  1. So you’re telling me that the other board members have not donated, nor has Helmke? Way to believe in your mission.

    Open secrets has the NRA’s numbers too. They had 799 donations over $200 compared to the Brady’s 1.

  2. The fourth FaceBook photo has Helmke, Wolkowitz and Helen Thomas.

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