Gun cartoon of the day

Had it been “U.S. Constitution” and “Bill of Rights” instead of “gun” and “Smith and thy Wesson” there would be some truth in the cartoon and it would apply to a large percentage of gun owners and NRA members. As it is it only reflects the bigoted, imaginary world of the artist.


3 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. The Ten Commandments and our constitution have a lot in common. The Ten represent the concepts of family sovereignty and property rights quite well, as they address coveting your neighbor’s house and property, stealing, murder, and bearing false witness. The cartoon artist probably recognizes this at some level, hence the sneering and jeering tone of it.

  2. I’d have preferred a ‘toon of John Moses Browning (pbuh), and the first tablet should have read, “I am the LORD thy 1911, and thou shalt have no other gun before me”.

    ‘Course then the other table would have had to say something about Colt or FN, but the cartoonist probably wouldn’t get it.

  3. As much as I admire the accomplishments of JMB such worship would not be that much different from what the cartoonist actual drew. And there would be those that figured Glock should get his share of worship and there would be controversy. Plus, at least in my case, I don’t really care about the the hardware all that much. I care about what guns represent and what they can do.

    I figured the Constitution and BOR would be far less controversial and it would represent more people.

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