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Carrying a gun for self defense is stupid. If you are being robbed, just give the robber what he wants. Your life or any life is not worth money. Very seldom does a robber want to kill you. And there are many women who are raped that go on to live normal, productive lives. Resisting during a rape will just get your face bashed in or worse. Self defense in reality does not work. A gun only increases your or a loved ones chances of getting hurt or killed by that stupid gun you got to protect yourself with.

May 28, 2010
Comment to Dueling emotions on gun control flare anew.
[Ahh… yes. Just lie back and enjoy it little lady. Facts are irrelevant.

What this approach does is lower the costs of a criminal “doing business”. It’s like a welfare program. You don’t really want people on welfare but once you have created such a program some people will decide that is a better/easier way of life than working for a living and figure out a way to take advantage of the system. You want to raise the costs of being a criminal. Sure, the police, courts, and penal system impose a cost on the criminal but only if they get caught and convicted. We supply free legal representation so the cost is essentially only imposed if they are convicted. And what are those odds? One in a hundred for every crime committed? And then what happens? They spend some time in prison. That is a gamble the criminal is willing to take–and we have the criminal facts to prove it.

If the criminal has to consider that one out of ten of their victims is capable and willing to splatter their brains all over the sidewalk the odds look considerably different. The criminal facts from places outside of Chicago and Washington D.C. also prove this.

If someone should actually encounter sweatypie I would like to suggest taking Greg Hamilton’s lead on dealing with people like this.

Update: Another approach to dealing with someone such as sweatypie is to suggest they convince their local police force that, “Self defense in reality does not work.” Once the local police have agreed and complied for a year or more you will give it further consideration.–Joe]


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  1. And there are many women who are raped that go on to live normal, productive lives. Resisting during a rape will just get your face bashed in or worse. Self defense in reality does not work.

    As a disabled woman, I find the above statement highly offensive. Also, women are scarred for life after being raped. Sweatypie, you need to just go to hell.

  2. So when the guy pulled the gun on me and demanded my car, I should have given it to him?

    It was an eleven-year-old car, but I couldn’t afford full-coverage insurance.

    Work was over ten miles away, and in another county. I suppose I could have gotten there via public transport, although it would have taken a bit of luck and ingenuity, not to mention several hours of time, every morning. Realistically, I probably would have lost my job.

    And if I lost my job, it would have been difficult to feed myself or pay my rent.

    I suppose I could have found food and shelter from a charity or the government. But who knows how my fragile (at the time) self-esteem would have held up…

    But he didn’t want to kill me. Just take my car. And my job. And my food, and shelter, and clothes, and self-respect…

    Instead, I pointed a gun back at him, and we both left that street corner alive.

    I think I know which option I prefer. If you prefer a different one, well, tough.

  3. Srlsy, the woman goes by the name of sweaty pie. How fat is this woman? I bet her boyfriend tells her she sure don’t sweat much for a fat girl.

  4. I read her quote to my wife. I didn’t know she even knew some of the words she used to describe this moron.

  5. As I’ve said before here, complying only puts you in a WORSE situation than before.

    For Tam’s example if she gives guy-with-a-gun her car, now this guy has both a gun AND her car. That’s not a good place to be, given that criminals are not honorable persons, and taking their word that compliance means safety might not be the truth.

    Also how many murder victims are found with evidence of sexual assault? Resisting rape will only get your face beat in? Yeah, NO!

    If somebody offers you violence, any contingencies should be ignored, and your response should be quick and decisive and without mercy, for your attacker will give no mercy or quarter to you.

  6. I think I took brain damage from reading that. Her NRA=KKK comment was also brilliant.

  7. Ya know, I believe that it was a woman who had been assaulted (twice?) by the same goblin in Florida who pushed through Must Issue in that state. Florida began a turn-around that continues to this day.

    She, very obviously, had had enough with Sweatypie’s method and was going to a more assertive role in her own defense.

    The critical error in the thinking of the QOTD is that the attacker’s life is worth more than the victim’s and that the attacker will stop the attack at robbery or rape (which are both lesser forms of murder I would argue).

    The reality, as Joe points out, is that the attacker – thinking about it or not – has made the decision that he/she will stack their life against yours to obtain whatever it is they want. The choice of life valuation has been usurped by the attacker and you cannot participate in it.

    They have placed their “bet” on the table. You cannot quit the game.

    You can fold, or you can call. This is your only available choice.

  8. “I think I took brain damage from reading that. Her NRA=KKK comment was also brilliant.”
    Then I avoided brain damage by only reading as far as “resisting during a rape will just get your face bashed in or worse.”

    There is a cable channel called, if IRC, I.D. Investigation Discovery, with programs hosted by various men and women. Nearly every program is about some woman whose decomposing bones were found in an out of the way place, and the program recounts the journey to identify the poor woman, and identify and bring to justice the murderer. In a year and a half of watching this channel sporadically, I can say that less than 10% of the programs that are about dead women (as opposed to a live woman recounting her ordeal) mention ANY sort of resistance by the dead woman. Admittedly my perception is not scientific, but these women seemed to have gone along quietly with the murderer so as to avoid making him mad enough to kill, only to learn too late, that he did not want only her money, car, jewelry and ATM card.

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