Bomb squad involved in a crapshoot

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Crapshoot results in stinky day for bomb squad:

A call about a bomb turned into a crapshoot for the Lorain County Bomb Squad.

Officers found a fizzing homemade bomb planted in a portable toilet near a construction site at Turtle Bay and decided the safest way to detonate it was to shoot at it.

After five shots with a .22 caliber rifle, the bomb exploded, spraying the contents of the toilet everywhere. One of the bomb squad members was covered in feces, according to the police report.

As further evidence that laws regulating explosives are marginally effect at best is the type of explosives used:

Officers confiscated a roll of aluminum foil and a stack of 14 military-style meal heaters used to create similar bombs.


8 thoughts on “Bomb squad involved in a crapshoot

  1. Sometimes life really is a crapshoot.

    No news here– Just kids having fun. Lets see now; if it really is a “bomb” (that is to say it poses a real danger or is suspected to pose a real danger) and you decide to set it off while you’re close enough to get covered with feces, does that make you an idiot, a complete moron, or just a bad shot with poor judgement working at a job for which you are under qualified?

  2. I did like the photo. We’ve had shuttle launches that looked less inspiring.

  3. Sounds like the bomb squad vandalized somebody’s port-a-potty.
    If there was actually any concern, a 100-gallon tank of liquid nitrogen would have been the way to go.
    Nothing explodes when it is -120 celsius.

  4. The kids in my sons CAP unit used to make MRE bombs: dump the heater contents into a 2-liter bottle of water, cap, shake and throw. When the pressure built enough the bottle would rupture and ‘BANG’.

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