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Hey, everyone has the right to go blast a few rounds anywhere they want, right?? At Wal-Mart, the gas station, at a family picnic area, at all bass-boat launch sites, any bar when you stop in for a quick shot-and-a-beer… it goes on and on….

What could possibly go wrong in texas?? BUT, texans will need an open carry law soon.. When we give them back to mexico for being more trouble than they’re worth!

May 23, 2010
Comment to Some Texas advocates pushing for an open carry gun law.
[Is there anything in this comment that isn’t bigoted or flat out factually wrong?–Joe]


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  1. Well I think Texas does need open carry. Sorry, even a broken clock and all that.

  2. That was in the context of “Texans will need and open carry law soon. When we give them back to mexico…”. The U.S. didn’t take Texas from or receive Texas from Mexico. Furthermore Texas needs the prohibition against open carry removed now. Not a law allowing open carry sometime in the future.

  3. If Texas is to be given back its independence, which is what an attempt to give it to Mexico would ammount to, perhaps other states could sign on to the same deal.(Alaska? Idaho? much of the west?) I’d move if my state wasn’t part of it. I think we could even find a constitution that could be used with only minor remodeling.

    I don’t think the people who want to get rid of Texas would like the idea much, once the implications got hammered out. Breaking up the states was a bad idea before and it’s still a bad idea.

  4. “Is there anything in this comment that isn’t bigoted or flat out factually wrong?”

    Nope, the only thing it’s missing is a penis joke.

  5. Yeah; the only thing that’s preventing random shootings in inappropriate places is the law against open carry. That’s why we have all the mayhem in states that don’t prohibit open carry. I stick my head out the door here in Idaho and people start shooting right away. It’s a war zone. Open carry is why our crime rate is the highest in the world. Same goes for automobiles– we allow driving in public in this state, hence the non-stop vehicular homicides that happen everywhere you go, people driving on each other’s lawns, through fences, on sidewalks, inside the shopping malls, etc. Liberty can only result in total pandemonium. Now, you take a place like DC or Chicago, where they’ve had guns banned for a long time– safest places ever in history. Facts don’t lie.

  6. He left out Texas state college campuses and Texas workplace parking lots, which are actually on the legislative agenda for change to legal carry sites for concealed carry licensees. But then, expecting such a comment to actually include pertinent facts is like expecting logic or honesty from any anti-gunner.

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