The view from my driveway

While at the NRA annual meeting I bought a pair of glasses with lenses for sunglasses or safety glasses. The also have a camera (still or video with microphone) built in. The main reason for getting them is for shooting. I expect to be able to get feedback for training (pistol matches) and for shooting explosives.

The results are suprisingly good. Here is the view from my driveway (scaled down from 1080 x 1024 to 600 x 480)–The View From North Central Idaho:

Tomorrow I have a Steel Challenge match I am going to. I’m really looking forward to the video.


6 thoughts on “The view from my driveway

  1. That is “techie-cool” – can you point me toward the vendor? Sounds like a “gotta have” item. Looking forward to more imagery.


  2. That photo looks very painterly. I don’t know if it was the lens, the scaling down, my monitor, or some combination of all of these, but this looks as much like a painting as it does a photograph. It’s a very neat effect. So yes, what brand are they and where can they be bought?

  3. Indeed, very interesting. Sounds like a very useful tool for OC self-protection evidence gathering.

    What’s the quality of the video and audio recording when you’re moving around? Can you clearly record a conversation with someone when you’re moving around, or do you have to try to hold your head still? Looking forward to your test vids.

    References, plz!

  4. That picture is so awesome, it looks photoshopped. It’s not, but sure as heck looks like it!

  5. I think the “effect” is from a very high compression setting on the .jpg pictures.

    I’m downloading the video from the pistol match this afternoon. Expect something posted within a hour or two.

    The website for the camera glasses is here.

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