The Bigger the Government…

…the Smaller the Citizen.

I heard that saying from Dennis Prager the other day, and it stuck.  Turns out you can buy the bumper sticker here.  Go there and watch the video too.  It’s nicely done.

Speaking of freedom; I just had a nice conversation with a pro freedom (which makes him an enemy of the state, I guess) candidate for the Idaho state legislature.  We talked while he was standing outside a local business handing out pamphlets.  I mostly asked questions.  First was; “What’s your political philosophy?”  I’ve hit others with the same question, and it stumps them a bit every time (strange, don’t you think?).  This guy reacted a little better than most.  One thing sticks out like a sore thumb anytime I talk with one of these (for lack of a better word) “tea party” candidates.  They tell me the same thing– people are pissssed offfff at the status quo Republicans and the Left in general.  I mean torches and pitchforks pissed off.  Regular Americans, who would much rather just mind their own business, have had enough B.S.  But they’re waiting for a peaceful resolution.

November 2010 can’t come soon enough.  That’s when we get what will be one of our last chances to start to resolve this from within the system.  November 2012 is a very, very long way off given the pace at which things have been going to hell.  Still; talking with people like Ike gives me some hope.  We agreed that “the fix” if it’s possible, will come from the state level, and will involve no small level of defiance of the feds.

The feds are hopeless at this point, and will resist with all effort, I believe.  That would make state politics more important than ever.