The word came out this morning that there was going to be a protest at 2:00 PM here at the NRA Annual meeting. About 10 minutes early Say Uncle and I started scanning the sidewalks and plazas in front of the convention center. Nothing. We followed a video camera crew around for a while as they interviewed a bunch of gun people.

About 10 minutes after 2:00 Say Uncle approached the camera crew and asked if they were here for the protest. They said no, but the protesters had shown up earlier. But there were maybe ten of them and they already left, “They were little old ladies in their 80’s and they had to go home and take a nap or something.”

Update: Alan caught them and has some pictures on Facebook:


8 thoughts on “Typical

  1. Must be nice to have nothing better to do with your time than protest law-abiding citizens exercising their rights in a peaceful and responsible manner.

  2. Of course, Sparky has never once provided concrete, specific, and substantiated reasons as to why these people are right. Furthermore, his ideas of “lax” gun laws include responsible, law-abiding citizens being unable to transfer firearms between them, those same law-abiding, responsible citizens being unable to carry firearms for their defense, and countless other things that are not only Constitutionally protected, but also intrinsic to the natural right of self defense.

    I make fun of them because they are accomplishing nothing, they are grandstanding for the sake of abridging all American’s rights of self-defense, and they are doing so in a positively ludicrous way. After a fashion, I am giving them exactly what they want – just not in the way they want it.

  3. Yeah; and we’re now being told that lax speech laws are bad for everybody too. Same people saying both.

    Lets translate for mikeyb; “Freedom is bad for everybody”. I might have a scintilla of respect if you just came right out and said it. Or how about; “American Principles are bad for everybody”. There. Y’all can make that your motto. It can apply to all situations, and you won’t have to keep coming up with new slogans all the time.

    On that note; what, no fake blood? They lie out in neat, geometric patterns, too? Not even the slightest bit creative. If they were passionate about it, they’d go for full, entry and exit wound makeup, and a gallon or two of fake blood. Hell, we do that sort of crap just for fun on Halloween, but then, these protesters of liberty are miserable, pissed off at life, and unimaginative.

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