On my way

I’m on my way to Charolette for the NRA annual meetings.

I made it through A Security Theater at Seatac with only a minor hassle.

Because I was checking a gun through in my baggage TSA handles the bag “special”. They opened up the suitcase, pulled out the hard-sided case with the handgun and swabbed the interior for explosives. The gun was in a side compartment and they didn’t even see the gun. They just wanted to swab the interior of the gun case.

What do they think that is supposed to do? Other than, of course, irritate me.


7 thoughts on “On my way

  1. “What do they think that is supposed to do?”
    Prove that they’re actually doing something. It’s the never ending quest for relevance that occupies their minds. It’s important, don’t you know.

  2. Travelling through the Boise airport last year after a pistol match, my friend and I stared slackjawed at the TSA clerk when he was surprised that the swab he’d run on my friend’s range bag triggered his machine.

    about 2002 I was travelling for work. Had a few words with a TSA clerk and lo and behold my checked back tripped their machine and I had to leave security to return to the scanner. As they were unpacking my bag looking for offensive stuff they asked, “where do you work?”, I replied with the name of the R&D facility. They then asked, “what do you do out there?”. When I replied, “blow things up”, they started repacking my bag and wished me a nice flight.

  3. Joe I think you are just one of the lucky ones. Going back and forth Boomershoot through Spokane and Missoula I have found the process refreshingly simple to get through TSA with my rifles. Even the trips with my handguns, aside from declaring them I have not had any special requests from the TSA. All that said, I think prudence dictates that I will limit my trips through SeaTac.

  4. I’ve come to the conculsion if I can’t drive to my destination, I’m not going. No way I will submit to the farce that TSA is. I’ve got nothing against flying and had several 100 thousand air miles on multiple carriers.

    It will also keep be from helping on our mission to Malawi. And I could really help them. Oh well. I cannot wait till the 2010 election.

    Have fun in Charolette, Joe. It seemed to be a nice place when I went through several years back.

  5. Of course their magic explosives detector doesn’t detect EVERY bomb, just the ones with marking chemicals or other easily detected things.

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