Quote of the day–Alan Keyes

The only difference between today’s slavery and the slavery of the old South is that at least the plantation owners paid for the chains.

Alan Keyes
Presidential Candidate
At a speech in Orem Utah in approximately ~2000.
Via Richard Mack and From My Cold Dead Fingers–Why America Needs Guns, Third Edition (“Final Chapter”), page 197.
[Most people in this country don’t seem to realize they are slaves. A typical attempt at refutation might go something like, “Life is good! And if the government would just give us [fill in the blank] life would be even better. We aren’t slaves!” I’m almost at a loss for words in such a conversation. Their own words refute their claim. When you have to beg your superiors to give you what you want with no opportunity to escape you are their slave. I have heard slavery defined as when more than “X” percent of your work output is taken by force and only the remainder is used for your food, housing, and other individual needs. IIRC “X” was in the neighborhood of 25%. Our taxes far exceed exceed 25% of our work output. I have no meaningful escape to freedom from the oppression of my “master”. I, in many ways, am a slave.–Joe]