Quote of the day–Sheriff Richard I. Mack

Police have a difficult and thankless job. They put their lives on the line every day in a world affected by drugs and violence and social decay. May each of us in this noble profession, as we pursue the guilty among us, never be guilty ourselves of the greater crime: violating our oath in God’s name to defend the constitutional rights of the people for whom we work.

Sheriff Richard I. Mack
From My Cold Dead Fingers–Why America Needs Guns, Third Edition (“Final Chapter”), page 217.
[I have an autographed, and addressed to me, copy of this book. I found it in the garage when cleaning this weekend. I don’t remember buying it. I remember it laying around, but I don’t remember when or where I bought it. Probably at a gun show someplace. I haven’t read it yet. I just scanned it a some.

There are lots and lots of great quotes in it. You’ll be hearing more from this book.–Joe] 


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  1. The problem is that far, far too often they have no desire and make no effort to pursue the guilty that are truly among them, because they also wear a badge or collect a government paycheck.

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