Kevin asks why, I have the answer

Kevin points out that the other side lies, extensively, even when actual numbers are easy to come by and their lies are easily exposed.

He asks why do they do that. That is actually an easy question to answer.

As I have demonstrated before they are incapable of determining truth from falsity. They cannot distinguish their fantasy world from reality. This is part of the reason they can be so convincing with their lies. They actually believe them. The other reason they can be very convincing is that many of their audience want to believe them. They want to believe there are solutions as simple as congress flipping a switch and making the Boogie Monster under the bed go away.

They are frequently pathetic creatures for whom the light switch on the wall is, in a very real sense, magical. They have no concept of how things actually work. How else do you explain their belief that some collection of people could write down set of rules on a piece of paper and evil people, who fail to obey existing rules against violence crime, will suddenly obey still another rule to turn in or destroy their tools which enable them to pursue their chosen evil ways?

Of course do not underestimate our opponents. As Sean likes to point out, not all of them are so simple minded.


3 thoughts on “Kevin asks why, I have the answer

  1. Great Post, Joe. I’m tossing it up on my place as a quote of the day. I would make one point. It seems to me most of the people who push these failed argument (and it works just as well for people pushing socialism or herbal remedies, or Global Warming) there seems to me to be a huge component of narcissism the key in this particular instance is the inability to properly process shame.

    Tho it seems the other components most often fit as well. I’m sure there are a lot of people who fit into the “Light switch = Magic” category when it comes to important issues, but that condition is curable. It seems with many of these people there IS no cure, as facts are discarded for faulty anecdotes, and the narrative is continued.

    There needs to be some psychological roadblock to keep an anti-gun proponent from doing what I did when I suddenly decided to look at the mechanics of the issue…I switched sides.

    I think Narcissism seems to fit very VERY well.

    Also I’ll note that our President seems to exhibit all these signs as well.

  2. You’re all correct of course, but there’s another component to this. In their lack of understanding of how the world works, along with their greed, they assume that gain is largely if not exclusively ill-gotten. Therefore, much like the jihadist’s belief that it’s ok or even laudable to cheat and lie to infidels, the statist often knows he’s lying, but believes it’s justified or even laudable, as he’s “getting back” at the scumbags in the “so-called free market”. How else to explain the leering, jeering reactions to comical suggestions that this or that icon of the Right be dealt violence.

    In summarize; hate is a primary motivator for the Left, and anything it takes to harm the objects of their hate is actually a good thing. In brief; the Left is evil.

    With that in mind, pointing out that they are lying, cheating, stealing, etc. is to miss the main point. Duh. This is a war. You defeat your enemy any way you can, and if it means you misrepresent yourself every step of the way then that’s bloody well what you do.

    We’re just around 100 years behind the game is all. We’re still trying to figure out the relationship, while they’ve instinctively understood it all along. We’re crying out in frustration; “Hey, look at these lying bastards! Can you believe this?” That’s a bit like parachuting into Normandy on D-Day and being shocked and outraged at the fact that the Germans are shooting at you; “What the hell is up with these Krauts, anyway?! See that? These bastards are shooting at us! Can you believe that?! They’re not even listening!! WTF?!”

    Please, in all seriousness, we have to understand what it is we’re up against here. This is a monster of mass destruction and mass death, motivated by a searing, white-hot, murderous hatred for Mankind.

    Understand that and the rest become much more clear. I’m not going to do it for you, so you’ll have to go back 100+ years and study the genesis of the Eugenics movement and the Progressive movement. Dig up the quotes of one famous and respected Progressive, George Bernard Shaw. Here’s a little taste. “No one can be THAT crazy or evil” you say, and I say that right there is where they get as far as they often get. Few ever believe it until it’s too late, yet it happens over and over again.

  3. **sigh** I realize Boomershoot is over so I guess you have a lot of time on your hands for the next year or else you would not be fishing in waters to get a philosophical discussion…

    I’ll bite.

    What is “truth”? There are many meanings to “truth” and first we need to define it.

    I happen to agree with the philosopher who said “There are no truths, only half truths.” (Or something like that — that’s not a direct quotation.)

    Did you take Philosophy in college? It was required at the college I went to.

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