Boomershoot staff hard at work

In my post last night I outlined some of the work the staff does for Boomershoot after the main event is over. I said the sound in the video doesn’t do it justice.

In Jason’s video the sound is a much better but it still doesn’t capture the THUMP that you feel throughout your body but it does hint a little better at it and give you some more clues as to what it means for Rolf to be Entertainingly Close:


3 thoughts on “Boomershoot staff hard at work

  1. Heh, you’ve got an open invitation and free entry for bloggers who show up for the first time.

    For the close range play you need a semi-auto you shoot offhand with sights set for a 20 yard zero. If it has a scope of some sort you might be able to use the same toy for the 375 yard play. For the long range (550 -> 700 yards) play a bolt gun with a 10 X or better scope.

    Except for “Cleanup” and the “High Intensity” events you will need to be able to hit a 1 MOA target.

    In all cases you will need to be able to deliver a bullet to the target at least 1500 fps, 1700 fps preferred.

    We can talk more when I see you in a few days…

  2. *sigh* Every year, I say “next year”, and then something happens during that following year.

    I have to admit, you have quite the thing going to keep my attention so solidly fixed, year after year, Joe :).

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