After hours with the Boomershoot staff

After the main event is over and most of the participants have left there is still work to be done. There is trash to be picked up, trash cans to be emptied, caution tape and signs to be taken down, stakes to be pulled and put away, and the left over targets have to be burned or detonated. I drive the ATV back and forth from the field to the Taj carrying trailer loads of stuff to be put away. The staff with ATF approval to handle explosives take care of the left over and damaged targets. The ones damaged too much to be moved are detonated in place.

No sound system we have tried can really capture the experience but Barron has the rest of the story and the video from this year. At about 3:00 minutes in Rolf demonstrates his .357 and Entertainingly Close.


2 thoughts on “After hours with the Boomershoot staff

  1. My raw footage sounds considerably different from what youtube compresses it to. In the raw footage you can hear the considerable echo and ringing. With that said, it still pales in comparison to being there. Though with my woofer cranked it certainly helps.


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