Stripping controls from taxpayers

From the editorial The Gun Lobby’s Long Shadow in the NY Times:

Senator John McCain and other members of the gun lobby’s cohort are pressing for legislation to strip local taxpayers in Washington of such basic gun controls as owner registration and a ban on semiautomatic battlefield rifles — laws already upheld by the courts.

First off, the owner registration and “ban on semiautomatic battlefield rifles” was not upheld in the Supreme Court. My presumption is that they are talking about the Heller decision which merely said registration and bans on certain types of guns were not at issue in the decision.

Second, it is very telling the way the writer words things, “strip local taxpayers in Washington of such basic gun controls…” It has not been proposed the taxpayers be stripped of anything other than “chains”. It has been proposed the local government be stripped of a claimed power than infringes on a specific enumerated right. The wording used is analogous to someone whining about proposed legislation that would eliminate registration of blacks and prohibitions against them being in public after dark after the 13th Amendment was passed.

Such basic controls are just common sense, right? It was foolish to pass the 13th Amendment but even if we accept it at face value surely no one can believe that it can mean that the people will be stripped of basic common sense Jim Crow laws. Can they?

Do you know that this will marginalize your side with the American people so severely that you will lose credibility for years to come?  Are you insane?  Or are you just really so blind that there is nothing, nothing, that you could ever, ever support to keep anyone, anyone, from [edited to “sneaking around after dark”]?

God. This one is so simple.  I cannot believe that you and your commenter’s can be opposed to this and call yourselves American patriots.  It’s put up or shut up time, [edited to “nigger lovers”].

Bigotry is an ugly thing. No matter where it is found.