Another reason to scrap TSA scans

TSA is nothing but A Security Theater and a huge waste of money. Unfortunately most people won’t protest much about that.

But this might get more people a little riled up:

A US airport security screener allegedly beat up his colleague for poking fun at the size of his penis during testing of full-body image scanners.

Rolando Negrin was arrested after attacking a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) worker at the parking lot of Miami International Airport, The Miami Herald reported yesterday.

Negrin had been the butt of his colleagues’ jokes for a year after the security scanners – which are used to detect foreign objects hidden under a person’s clothes, but also show a person’s private parts – revealed he had a small penis.


4 thoughts on “Another reason to scrap TSA scans

  1. Why didn’t he shoot the guy? I mean aren’t these the guys who have all the guns? That’s what I’m always being told! : ]

  2. Glad I’m retired and can drive anywhere I want to go these days…

  3. Well, if we’re going to have security theatre, at least THAT is some fairly good theatre, right there.

    I haven’t taken a commercial flight since 9/11. I’m not worried about my safety (I understand that driving is more dangerous). I just don’t want to be treated like a fellow inmate in an insane asylum, or an extra in a very bad movie. I also understand that that might very well be the whole point– Carter reduced the highway speed limit to 55, and now we’re being discouraged from flying.

  4. I fought him for his meanness
    because he dissed my penis

    ‘Twas at the ‘port
    where he made sport
    of my woefully short
    but small around
    cause of wife’s frown

    He has a thing for my thing
    I should have given him a ring
    but of course, he has a public
    from which to choose
    a size that fits his fancy
    for his mouth or pantsy.

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